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5-fold increase in productivity in the production of upholstery elements with Paolino Bacci combined technologies

Unlike body furniture, where pieces are fewer and larger, in the chairs and sofa parts are many and smaller in size. Cutting them is time-consuming and to increase productivity and efficiency, high-performance machines are needed. Technologies and tooling are combined, state-of-the-art programs are used to achieve maximum machining without continuously moving parts. The furniture industry is an important branch of the Romanian economy, with sofa manufacturers at the top in terms of turnover. It is only natural that the machinery for this sector should also be top-notch. Range Master.Cutproduced by Paolino Bacci and represented in Romania by Ligna Dumi Tech, contains complex machines that combine CNC technology with simple cutting and trimming technologies.

cnc mastercut dumitech bacci

Master.Cut, high-performance drilling, milling and cutting machine

Upholstered furniture seems to have less and less solid wood structure. With the exception of the legs and possibly some appliqués suggesting arms, only fabric or leather is visible. But to hold 5-6 people at once, you need sturdy frames made from wood, MDF or chipboard. These are cut out from the panels, then milled and drilled to form a sturdy and stable frame.

Technology proposed by BACCI through Master.Cut consists in combining on the same machine a CNC bandsaw, which makes optimized cross-cutting of wood-based boards, with the CNC milling spindle and the CNC multiple drilling unit. The ribbon saw cuts the wooden board with a blade that rotates right-left +/- 90°, driven by the CNC, simultaneously with the feed movement of the table on the X and Y axes, thus realizing the contour cutting of the elements.

The panel or bundle of panels are first clamped to the work surface. The fitting to the board of the parts to be cut is computer controlled so that any milling and/or drilling can be done before the parts are cut. The parts are then cut out with the bandsaw resulting in complete, ready-to-fit parts. In this way, with a single clamping of the panel on the table, operations that would otherwise have required three conventional machines are performed.

The initial boring and milling of the parts, followed by contour cutting of the plate, ensures increased dimensional accuracy and allows any flat parts required for the upholstery structure to be made.

cnc mastercut dumitech bacci

Cutting with a bandsaw

Contour cutting is possible thanks to the special BACCI patented cutting head. The novelty is the 90° right-left movement of the blade around the central axis, by means of the CNC that controls two Brushless motors. These drive the plane rotating mechanisms, guiding the blade in motion and realizing the cutting contour.

At the same time, the plate to be cut is moved in the X and Y direction of travel, thus reaching the saw blade. The CNC interpolates the motions and the combination of table movement and rotation of the bandsaw blade assembly allows cutting regardless of contour.

The cutting of the boards is handled by the CNC in the NESTING system, but cutting with the saw instead of the milling cutter shortens the working time, cutting can be up to 5 times faster.

cncn mastercut dumitech bacci

Extra features for increased flexibility and productivity

The 9 kW and 24,000 rpm electric milling spindle and the drilling unit with 7 vertical spindles are supported by a portal that is part of the machine structure. Standard equipment of the Master.Cut contains a tool magazine arranged to the side of the table, from where the electrospindle is supplied with computer-controlled cutters. The drilling unit is equipped in such a way that it can be fitted with the full range of drills required.

The clamping and positioning elements are CNC-controlled release clamps, also a BACCI patent. With their help the working speed is much higher, thus increasing productivity without affecting the quality of the machining. The CNC-controlled suction cups on the work table ensure maximum flexibility and productivity. The suction cups allow one workpiece to be cut, released and retracted to another, while at the same time cutting a workpiece in contour.

The machine allows bundle machining, as the portal opening allows the bundle of plates to be placed. This can increase the number of parts processed in a single nesting cut by 4-5 times.

Master.Cut can process panels or packs of panels with maximum dimensions of:

  • length - 3.000 mm
  • width - 2.100 mm
  • thickness - 150 mm

cnc mastercut dumitech bacci

A machine that noticeably influences productivity and production flow

The simple fact that Master.Cut Bringing three machines together is already an advantage. The panel goes through all the machining stages on one machine, so the time wasted switching from one machine to another and clamping the parts on the machine is saved for production. In addition to reducing labor costs, it also reduces the number of machines needed for machining.

Another plus is the use of nesting sawing. The saw cutting speed is much higher than milling, and productivity can increase up to 5 times. Also the bandsaw cutting allows a larger number of pieces to be cut from the same board, with less waste of raw material.

The machine design, portal opening and secure clamping allow the addition of bundled plates on the work table, increasing the number of pieces processed in one cut by 3 to 5 times, depending on the thickness of the plates processed. The machine can be equipped with a feed elevator for package processing.

For real-time service operations, the machine is remotely monitored by Bacci staff on request. This minimizes downtime. Remote assistance is free of charge, both under warranty and post-warranty.

Master.Cut is another example of innovation in the field that Bacci has accustomed its customers to. Improvements to machines through the combination of technologies and the use of special clamping systems lead to significant benefits for customers in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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