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Automated unloading table for Wood IQ CNCs automates production at affordable cost

Wood IQ continues to expand its portfolio following the launch of its second generation CNC at BIFE SIM 2019 with a range of optional features to improve workflow, increase productivity and supplement labour shortages. The new automatic unloading table that can be attached to the CNC thus increasing productivity and with the 50% or the automatic loading lift that streamlines production are just two of them. With their help you can achieve the results of an automated production line at much lower costs.

cnc router wood iq unloading table

Our mission is to provide CNC technology at an affordable price

If a few years ago the idea of having a CNC was utopian for many furniture manufacturers, it has now become almost commonplace even in medium and small factories. Those who needed precision and productivity and were faced with a shortage of manpower quickly realised that this could be the solution. This was also made possible by the emergence of manufacturers who managed to make this leading-edge technology affordable.

Wood IQ is one such manufacturer. At BIFE SIM 2018 the company's motto wasa Wood IQ CNC in every corner of the country and they have done just that, with Wood IQ CNCs arriving in Maramureș, Mehedinți, Suceava, Moinești or Bucharest. Their affordable prices have made it possible for smaller business owners who considered such technology an impossible dream to make it come true.

Wood IQ's next challenge was the technical and aesthetic improvement of the CNCs on offer. The start was made at BIFE SIM 2019 with the launch of the second generation of CNCs (models 2040 Pro, 2040 Pro ATC) and now continues with optional features designed to increase productivity and streamline production. All done in the spirit of the company's mission to offer advanced technology at the most affordable prices, as Dan Pruteanu, the company's manager, says every time.

Advantages of CNCs with unloading table

One of the operations that interrupt the flow and consume time is unloading the machined parts from the CNC worktable. Unloading table proposed by Wood IQ allows the continuous processing of wood-based boards (MDF chipboard, solid board) without interrupting the flow and wasting time. At the end of the production cycle, the machined pieces are automatically moved to the unloading table by pushing them with the help of a mobile arm fixed on the CNC portal (see video). Here they can be picked up and stacked or moved to another operation while the CNC continues machining another board. Thus the production flow is not fractured, while productivity increases by up to 50%.

The unloading table is made of multi-layer aluminium jointed frames and has height adjustable legs. It is covered with mobile rubberised tape, resistant to industrial use. The feed speed is adjustable and the table has sensors that detect the presence of material. The system also includes the pneumatically operated portal-mounted mobile arm. At the end of the machining cycle the arm automatically intervenes, pushing the machined board onto the unloading table and allowing the CNC to restart the pre-set program on the next board in the loaded package.

The movable arm also acts as a mobile exhaust hood with an automatically operated flap for vacuuming the worktable at the end of processing. The pneumatic pistons have adjustable stroke to adjust the working height according to the thickness of the material being processed.

The unloading table can be used in conjunction with any of the Wood IQ CNCs in the Pro, Pro x 3, Pro ATC and Pro ATC + 4. It can be 1270 mm or 2060 mm wide and 3000 mm or 3500 mm long, depending on the type of CNC chosen.

Additional equipment to support smoother production

With each additional CNC equipment added to the CNC you replace the work of a few people and create a continuous flow similar to automated lines. Wood IQ ensures that prices are affordable and the results will be immediately visible, paying back the investment in a very short time. You choose the degree of automation of your production flow by choosing one or more CNC equipment options.

Automatic loading lift is also part of the package of productivity-enhancing features. It can be used to pack around 30 sheets of material, depending on the thickness of the board (30 sheets of 18mm). The lift, hydraulically operated with vacuum suction arms, automatically feeds the CNC worktable, eliminating loading downtime. Together with the unloading table it achieves a continuous and balanced flow.

You have continuous feed, unloading is also done automatically immediately after processing is complete, why would you need to have the benefits of an automated processing line? Exactly, a CNC rotary tool magazine. Those who have opted for CNC without an automatic magazine know how frustrating it is to stop work to change the cutter. With the rotary magazine the tool change time is greatly reduced and the operation is automatic.

CNC technology is the "industrial revolution" that Wood IQ has succeeded in bringing to the level of medium and small factories. It has made it possible to produce mass-produced products in small spaces with a minimum of personnel. With the new equipment offered, Wood IQ is once again supporting manufacturers by helping them, at low cost, to increase productivity and achieve continuous production flows similar to automated lines.

cnc router wood iq lift
lift for automatic loading

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