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With Start-Up Nation budget you use the whole workshop

The Holzmann machines, distibuite de Danibrum, can be the right choice for those who want to start a business in woodworking or the production of wooden furniture. wood-based panels (They are small, simple and easy to operate, designed for woodworkers and woodworking enthusiasts. The range is complete and includes all the woodworking machines a small or medium-sized business needs.

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Start-Up Nation is a national program through which a new business can receive a grant of 200,000 lei. At first glance this seems like a lot of money, but when you need to equip your workshop with all the tools you need for a production activity, it can be insufficient. You can, however, with Holzmann machines. Danibrum assures us that the prices of the machines are competitive and specifically designed to fit within the proposed project amount. That doesn't mean that you can't equip your workshop, even if you have found other sources of financing or rely on your own capital.

Holzmann machines to fully equip a furniture workshop

You can completely equip your workshop with Holzmann machines, whether you want to produce furniture in chipboard or solid wood. You can choose from straightening and planing machines, 4-sided machining machines or circular table saws, to hand tools, accessories and consumables. Tools can be found on the website - - where prices are also displayed.

For example, for a workshop producing chipboard furniture, a minimum requirement would be a circular incision tool FKS400VF3200 (7,243 euro), the cant applicator KAM215EPS (12.183 euro), 2x exhaust systems ABS3880 (2 x 419 euro) and a hinge drill BBM35PNEU (€839) Calculating that we are just over 100.000 lei, so there is enough money left for a compressor (Atmos E.50), hand tools (Festool or Makita) and accessories.

In Danibrum's experience, the most purchased machines through the funding projects have been the KAM215EPS canting machine and the FKS305VF3200 moving table and engraver formatting circular former. Very good value for money, reliability and ease of use were the factors that determined the purchase.

The advantages of using only Holzmann machines in your workshop are the centralized service for the entire production line and the possibility to purchase accessories (blades, drills, milling cutters, abrasive belts, etc.) online. You can buy accessories directly from the website Whenever you need advice, by phone or email, the Danibrum team is always at your disposal.

workshop holzmann machines danibrum

Holzmann machines can also fully equip workshops for the production of stairs, toys or other wooden objects

Not everyone wants to make furniture from chipboard or MDF. Some are passionate about solid wood and its processing. Making toys or decorative objects, wooden stairs, beehives from solid wood panels or furniture components (cornices, legs, frames) are ideas that can become successful businesses.

Find machines in the Holzmann range for this kind of work too. Those who want to make solid wood panels can purchase the press VSTR3000and for straightening and planing they can choose machines from the HOB or AHM. Drilling and mortising machines in the range LBM (STM26S), pendulum circulators or 4-sided machining are also necessary when processing solid wood. Holzmann's offer is comprehensive, you just need to choose the right combination for the job.

If the plan is to make parts that need advanced machining and attention to detail you will most likely need to take it to the next level. You'll need more sophisticated machines that ensure both highly accurate machining and repeatability. For this kind of work, Danibrum recommends its own brand CNC routers or Lohmeyer brand, internationally recognized.

The advantages of the machine combinations from the manufacturers in the portfolio are flexibility and ease in creating a complete and productive package. Installation and technical support is also provided by Danibrum, which ensures continuity and gives operational reliability. An example of such a combination is Lohmeyer FKS320IQ circular FKS320IQ and the Holzmann KAM215EPS canting machine that many Danibrum customers have opted for.

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Danibrum experience useful for those looking to acquire Start-Up Nation funding

From the very beginningStart-Up Nation program, Danibrum has supported those eager to start a woodworking business, helping them to make the best choice of machinery for the type of activity they choose.

"We provide precise and focused advice exactly tailored to the type of activity targeted. Our 23 years' experience in the industry means we have answers to the most difficult and detailed questions. Our clients range from those who produce handmade objects, toys, etc. to those who produce mass-produced, industrial furniture. We cover 100% the needs of any type of activity. We offer professional commissioning, introduction to working with the machines and solutions to problems arising after purchase, everything for the smooth operation of the equipment."- Robert Colpoș from Danibrum told us.

All you need for assistance is a project and a business plan. No machinery dealer can help you with that. You need to know what exactly you intend to do, which markets you are targeting, how many people you need, where you will operate and other such information. You can use the services of a consultancy firm for non-reimbursable projects to make the plan and design or, to cut costs, you can do it yourself. Danibrum can help you with "tips & tricks, as Robert says, to streamline the process on the equipment and accessories side.

When starting out in the furniture, wood and wood by-products business, it's a good idea to know something about the basic machines you will be using. From the machine dealer you will get all the information about the machine being sold, you will be helped to familiarize yourself as quickly as possible with how to work, but at least in theory, you need to know what those machines do. Don't expect to be given the basics, nor a guarantee that the business you're laying the foundations for will do well. No one can guarantee success no matter how good the machines are. Research, test the market, learn from the experience of others, find out as much as you can about the business you want to start. Don't assume that money is free and you have nothing to lose. The time will come when you will have to support your business from what you produce.

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