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We love collaborations with the goal of creating unique and relevant content for or for your own brand or company. We have trusted partners and resources to create top results.

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Here are some ways we can work together

Brand ambassadors:We like to share products we believe in with our readers, and building long-term relationships with brands is always welcome.

Sponsored posts: if you have a brand we believe in and ideas about creating creative partnerships, let's discuss how to connect the two with readers. From social media promotion to blog posts with all the bells and whistles, with the sound of machinery at work, we're happy to put together an offer that fits your marketing needs.

Video: We produce, design and shoot short form videos for your product or company, for our website, Facebook account, YouTube or Instagram.

Create technical and specialist texts: We think about wood all day long, so producing technical and expert content with informed information is one of our favourite challenges. Content can be created in partnership for publication here on the blog, on Instagram, Facebook, created for other publications, other websites (yours for example) or even test advertising.

Conferences, press projects or travel reviews: Do you have a conference you'd like to attend or talk about blogging, the wood industry or wood in general? Do you have a project, a partner you want to promote? Do you have a product that we might fall in love with, that you think we'll want to buy right away and you want to tell our readers why they should want to? We have the suitcase, the laptop, the car and we want to tell the story.

Banner on you want your banner, your advertisement to be seen by those who are passionate about wood, by those who process or buy wood products, by those who work in the Wood Industry? Do you want to have accurate reports, to know exactly how many people have seen your advertisement and how many have clicked through to your website? Enter directly here, submit your ads and you will receive a link where you can track the results of your ads transparently and in real time. No banner? Want us to create it for you? Nothing could be easier. Fill in the form below and we'll contact you to set up the details.

Website for your business:Yes. We can do that and at the highest quality. Regardless of the complexity of the requested project (presentation, listing, e-commerce, booking, complex custom projects) we create websites with incredible design that will perform in Google searches or as UX. Don't believe us? See here for examples.

Complex digital marketing campaigns:Want to outsource your online marketing completely? Have an agency manage everything for you? Everything i.e. social media, online content, Google or Facebook online campaigns (with various objectives from brand awareness to online commerce), integration with your management systems (ERP, CRM). More details here. Let's talk! Fill in the form below and we will contact you!


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