What do we want to do with this magazine?

To promote the timber industry in Romania. It may sound pretentious, but let's see!

Magazine from wood is a project focused on industry wood - on furniture and decorations, on constructionand housesfrom wood, accessories, on woodworking equipment and machinery.

A project through which we try to bring the wood industry closer to its final customers and to present the people and products of this industry to the public interested in discovering trends and brands in this field.

Let we promote products "made in Romania". Many of us know the advantages of "buy local" campaigns, but the most important one seems to be the one related to the creation of new jobs in Romania and therefore the increase of the welfare of people in our country. The myth that products made in Romania are not of good quality does not seem to apply to the timber industry. And what do we base this on? On the fact that Romania exports furniture worth more than €1 billion a year.

Let we create o community extreme from active and informedof people working in wood industry, those who are passionate about wood, who create, produce or sell wood in one form or another.

The emergence of shared workspaces, HUBs, will create the necessary infrastructure in Romania for the growth and development of businesses that will take Romania to a new stage of development. We hope that through this "magazine" we will lay the foundations for an open community that will relate more effectively and thus be prepared for the economic changes to come.

We want Romanian producers to be informed about effective tools for promotion and cost reduction, to have access to new sales channels, just as we all want to have access to local products at a fair price.

We want to develop an active and involved community to share experiences and opinions about techniques, materials, machinery or solutions for various woodworking situations.

We want to inspire and inform you, to be creative and find the best solutions for the projects you are working on, but most of all we want you to trust us.

This is the first in a series of projects that aims to create a digital infrastructure to promote and sell the products of our wood industry. But you'll see each one in due course.


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