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Rainbow tree

In New Guinea, the Philippines, Hawaii and areas of California, Texas and Florida, a species of eucalyptus called the rainbow eucalyptus grows. The name comes from the fact that it has several colours on its stem surface.

green tree
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The bark of the rainbow tree

This unique, multi-layered bark is characteristic of the tree. Pieces of the bark are renewed annually at different times. The bark is smooth and has different colours depending on age. Indoors, when very young, the bark is bright green and changes colour outwards with age to orange, dark green, blue, purple and finally brown. Peeling occurs at the same time in several areas of the tree, where the age and therefore the colour are different.

As a result, the tree will not have the same colour combination twice, turning it into a living work of art.

orange tree
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A tropical tree found in many areas

It is a tropical tree that grows in areas with high humidity and unlike other eucalyptus species, it is also found in the northern hemisphere. Despite its adaptation to lower temperatures, the rainbow eucalyptus does not withstand freezing temperatures.

The most intense colours are found in the native trees of the Philippines and Hawaii.

There are rainbow eucalyptus plantations all around the world. In the Philippines it's used for paper, and coffee growers in Costa Rica grow their coffee in the shade. Wood is used for furniture and construction, and in Hawaii for building boats.

It is widely cultivated for ornamental, decorative, garden and park purposes. It is a tall tree, reaching 75 m in native areas. In areas where it has been acclimatised, especially in the USA, it does not exceed 40 m.

blue tree
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hawai eucalyptus
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