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ICA exterior windows and doors regeneration and cleaning kit

Regeneration and cleaning kitfrom ICA contains two products, one to clean off dirt accumulated over time and another to refresh the finish by applying a thin coat of varnish. These operations are very useful to make winter go smoothly for windows, but also shutters or wooden doors.

Why it is good to apply such a treatment exterior doors and windows in the dead of winter

Winter is perhaps the season that places the greatest demands on outdoor wood. Snow that can remain for a long period lodged at the base of branches, blizzards that blow snow hard, periods of very low temperatures, repeated freeze-thaw cycles - these are all tests that the lake and the wood beneath it feel. The solid wood is subject to tension and movement due to the drop in air humidity, and the moisture stays for a longer period of time on the lake protecting the window.

If there are cracks or small scratches in the varnish film all these shocks will lead to the defect advancing. In the spring we may find that water has got under the varnish film or that other scratches have appeared. To avoid all this, it is a good idea to apply a coat of maintenance varnish to varnished surfaces outside before winter sets in. This will repair any small defects and create a surface from which winter can "bite" without any effect on the wood and the window as a whole.

exterior wood maintenance window protection product cleaning wood ICA
Set of products for cleaning and protecting window frames
How to use

Window frames have certainly accumulated dirt over the year. And this isn't always very easy to clean as it's a combination of dust and environmental pollutants. The result is a viscous material with very good adhesion to surfaces. To get the best results we thought it best to have an effective cleaning product along with the varnish.

Fast Cleaner is a neutral cleaner that will not attack the finish in any way. It is applied to the surface of the frames, left to work for a while, then removed with a sponge. To make sure you have removed any marks, wipe with a damp cotton cloth.

After cleaning spray the entire surface of the wood with water-based varnish Easycoat. If varnish gets on the window glass wipe it off with a dry cloth. After application spread the varnish with the cloth to reach even the most hidden places. The product should not be over-applied. When it is well spread over the whole surface let it dry and that's it. You'll once again have freshly finished, yet hard-wearing windows that are totally ready for the cold season. Easycoat is transparent and can be applied to windows finished with varnish, lacquer or paint.

Attention: The product is not effective if the lacquer on the wooden window frame is stripped and flaking and water has already reached the wood. In this case the existing varnish must be removed, the wood sanded and the finish restored from the beginning.

As water-based products, there is a risk that they may freeze. So store them in spaces above 5ºC and do not work with them when the temperature is below 10ºC.

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