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AEG BOF18BL-0 milling machine - Product of the day in the Smart Shop

Today's product of the day, 04 October 2018, in the shopCleveris milling machine BOF 18 BL-0The router offers exceptional performance with an 18V brushless motor. The router's rotational speed can reach up to 25000 rpm and can be used for all types of wood. It is a cordless electric router with Li-ion battery. The battery is not included in the price. L1850R accumulator compatible with all AEG power tools that run on Li-ion batteries.

What a milling machine is useful for

In fact, it's a machine that should not be missing from a carpenter's workshop or from the kit of a woodworking construction worker or even a woodworking enthusiast. The milling machine can be used to mill edges, profile edges, make joint profiles, cut out the space for various mortises (such as the space for fitting the butterfly for the butterfly joint), various trenches and grooves are made.

Initially this type of tool was limited in its uses. It was used for cutting countertops, straightening edges and so on. But now the little power tool has really become a force to be reckoned with in most workshops. It is used for a wide variety of tasks including cutting narrow grooves to allow for mortising, making mortise and tenon profiles, edging hardwood planks and many such tasks.

milling machine
Used AEG BOF18BL-0 Milling machine
Features of the BOF18BL-0 milling machine

The AEG Milling Machine is an easy to handle hand tool that can be held and used with ease. Here are some of the features:

  • Provides exceptional performance with an 18V brushless motor
  • Speed up to 25,000 rpm for all types of wood
  • Spindle lock to allow quick and easy bit change
  • The speed can be adjusted according to the materials being processed
  • Micro adjustment mode for easy adjustment of cutter depth to specific material and application
  • Magnesium protection for greater durability
  • Ergonomic Slim Grip handle for maximum comfort during use

The machine has a variable speed between 17,000 and 25,000 rpm, weighs 1.6 kg, has a Li-ion battery and comes standard with 6mm + 6.35mm bit, round and square sole and wrench. The maximum milling depth is 32mm. The cutter has a brushless motor and 7 speed settings.

Why do I think you should have this power tool in your workshop?
  • Because it's a light, precise, easy-to-handle machine that can also be operated with one hand when machining edges;
  • The sole provides good adhesion to the backing, flatness in machining and can be used to draw straight and parallel grooves using a marker;
  • The speed steps allow for easier or more complicated milling operations without operator effort.

Good luck and good luck!

Link to shop: Milling machine BOF18BL-0


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