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#StayHome but #MergemMoreAway: Felder machines, delivered from stock at factory price

At a time when bad news is everywhere, we have good news from Felder Gruppe Romania. Felder Gruppe Romania has started the campaign #StayHome but #MGoFurtherAway which offers furniture manufacturers quality machines delivered from stock at factory price.

felder campaign

So if you think this is a good time to make a good deal, you can check out Felder's offer. This includes:

- 8 offers for conventional machines (thickness planers, edge banding machines, band saws) and exhaustion systems

- 15 offers on compressors (mobile piston, stationary screw, stationary piston)

- 10 offers for Festool hand tools (machines, accessories and consumables)

It is important to know that the offers are valid within the limits of available stocks in Romania and existing configurations in stock.
Information about the offers is available HERE.
Fill in the order form or call directly on 0731 335 337. Felder Gruppe Romania consultants will give you all the details.

#StayHome but #MGoFurtherAway is not only the name of the special offers campaign, but also the message that Felder Gruppe Romania sends to all its partners during this period. Although this is a new situation that no one has experienced before, the Felder Gruppe Romania team is still available on the hotlines:

SALES: 0731 335 337
BLITZ SERVICE: 021-4603388

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