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High-performance equipment for manufacturers of doors, windows and houses on wooden structures

Building with wood is increasingly preferred all over the world. The use of a renewable material with a negative carbon footprint, industrialised wood with much improved properties and strengths compared to raw wood, the possibility to build quickly, the high energy efficiency of the resulting houses are just some of the reasons for building with wood in many countries in Europe, USA or Canada. Rapid construction on the one hand and energy-efficient construction on the other are made possible by the processing and assembly of the components of a house in a factory. To do this accurately, so that the joints are perfect, high-performance machinery and equipment are needed. This is what Accessory Equipment - a range of flexible, dynamic and high-performance Biesse brand machines for builders of doors, windows, staircases or houses on wooden structures.

biesse cnc accessories

Biesse equipment for home manufacturers

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is a building material made by gluing several layers of wood perpendicular to each other. It has been used for many years in Europe and around the world as a structural element in houses. Its special properties have allowed it to be used in the construction of 10-storey buildings and more. For some time now CLT panels have been used and even manufactured in Romania.

If CLT is used timidly, poles and laminated wood beams (glulam) are the basic elements of any house on wooden structures, and the wooden roof elements are used whether it is a wooden house or a traditional house (concrete, brick). The overlapping of several layers of wood on the same grain direction - lamination, as it is known in production - results in building elements that are very strong, elastic and much lighter than ordinary building materials.

All these elements are processed in the factory. Profiles for joints, door and window cut-outs for CLT walls are made in the factory and require very high precision. Biesse offers CNC machining for these types of machining UNITEAM. They are designed specifically for the construction industry and are robust and reliable. Processing is fast, maintaining the high quality of the final product, and the manufacturer benefits from a significant increase in productivity.

The UNITEAM range includes several machines:

  • UNITEAM CLT 400. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the processing of CLT panels, with a rigid structure that guarantees the absence of vibrations. It is equipped with a robust clamping system that ensures correct positioning of the workpiece on the machine.
  • UNITEAM UT - has been designed for processing CLT panels or very long elements. The worktable can clamp the element so that small parts up to 24 m elements can be processed.
  • UNITEAM E MIX - It is a CNC designed for small and medium-sized companies. It can be customized according to the customer's needs. For increased productivity the CNC can be equipped with two loading stations.
  • UNITEAM RC - It is compact, ergonomic and flexible thanks to its modular system and two loading stations. It operates at high speeds while maintaining very good machining quality. The modern design ensures good visibility of the work area.

Detailed information about all these machines can be found here or by visiting the website

biesse cnc accessories

The energy efficiency of homes depends a lot on the quality of windows and doors

Home energy efficiency, heat loss and reducing energy consumption and costs are concerns of our times. To meet European Community requirements, old houses are being insulated and new ones are being built to meet certain criteria. But heat loss is not just through walls, floors and roofs. There is no point having 25 cm thick thermal insulation in the walls and an insulating outer layer if doors and windows are not properly constructed and fitted.

To reduce heat loss in winter and prevent hot air from entering in summer, double-glazed windows are used. They are fitted to both new and old houses, replacing traditional ones. It is the first step in reducing energy losses. The frames of these windows are very different from those used in the past. Laminated wood is used, which is more stable, thicker and stronger, gaskets are fitted and the glass used has 2 or 3 layers. In order for the gaskets to seal very well and the glass to be leak-proof, delicate and precise work is required. CNCs are the perfect machines to do such machining.

The Accesoria Equipamente portfolio also includes Biesse CNCs dedicated to the processing of wooden elements used in the manufacture of doors and windows. This is just a brief presentation, the full information is for you to discover here.

  • UNITEAM CK - It is equipped with a robust structure for door production and is designed for medium and large factories that need flexibility but also a solution to meet modern design requirements.
  • Rover C - The CNC can be used for the production of furniture as well as door, window or staircase elements, regardless of their size. It is designed to work with large tools and aggregates while maintaining precision and finesse.
  • Winline 16 - It is a multi-centre for the production of doors and windows dedicated to medium and small factories. It can process small batches and can be used for the most sophisticated machining.

biesse cnc accessories

High-performance machines for which Accesoria Equipamente's technical teams offer modern and professional support

Biesse is the manufacturer that surprised us last year with Sophia platformwhich brought the Internet of Things concept to woodworking. It can be used to remotely diagnose, analyse and prevent errors in Biesse machines. There is a continuous and permanent connection between Biesse machines around the world and the control centre, allowing technical intervention online, sometimes even before the customer realises something has happened.

The technical team of Accesoria Equipamente has trained together with Biesse specialists, in one of their laboratories, in order to offer solutions adapted to the specific production of each of those interested. After many hours of training at Biesse's headquarters, they are ready to provide the necessary assistance, both in terms of how to operate the machines and to solve any problems. Taking advantage of all the facilities offered by the Sophia platform, technical assistance can also be provided online.

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