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Wood IQ celebrates 100 CNCs sold with discounts on all CNC equipment

Wood IQ has reached an important milestone for the company - 100 Wood IQ CNCs sold in Romania - and wants to celebrate with you. The first idea was to offer discounts for 6 months on the best-selling models. But recent events have led to the decision to extend the offer until the end of the year. The industry will need support and encouragement after this slowdown, and Wood IQ's aim is to support entrepreneurs who want to invest in high-performance technology.

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100 CNCs is not just a number

On March 5, 2020 Wood IQ assembled their 100th CNC machine and to celebrate they are offering special discounts on all CNC equipment. Find their story and full offer here. It was a very important moment for them, a milestone in the company's development plan. They have invested a lot of energy, attended trade fairs and made countless visits around the country to understand their customers' needs and offer them the perfect product for their production profile.

Why 100 CNCs sold is not just a number to them? Because at the end of the road they have built a brand, gained experience and gained customer trust. They have built a close-knit, functional team dedicated to their customers and their brand. They treated every customer as a partner and every sale as a new project. They introduced high performance technologies in small and medium-sized factories making CNCs affordable without compromising on quality. In short, they built for the future.

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"We believe CNC technology must become accessible to the whole industry"

We believe that CNC technology must be made accessible to the entire industry through affordability and ease of use. By "affordable" we mean very good prices without compromising on quality. With the celebration of the 100th milestone, we are taking the first step in this direction by offering a 10% discount on all CNC equipment." - -Dan Pruteanu, Wood IQ manager

Wood IQ has brought a large industry specific machine to small and medium sized factories. It achieved this not by compromising on features and performance but by making it affordable in price. It has focused on both a stable standardized portfolio and customized solutions for manufacturers with more special requirements. It has enabled Smaller producers to broaden their offer and find customers to give them peace of mind. And last but not least, it has earned the trust of its customers with a prompt and quality after-sales service.

Wood IQ Offer

Wood IQ's discounts through the end of 2020 extend across the entire range of CNCs. Here are just a few examples below:

  • 1325 Pro - 3-axis milling machine - The heavy-duty structure is designed to effectively eliminate vibrations resulting from machining massive materials;

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  • 2030 Pro x3 - 3-axis CNC Router with interpolated motion - designed, engineered and configured in fixed horizontal plane and movable portal capable of performing linear cutting, milling and multiple drilling operations.

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  • 1325 Pro ATC - 3-axis milling machine - Robust, welded and stress-relieved tubular crossbeams, resistant to deformation caused by torsional and bending forces;

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Click on the photos to find out more about the machines and the offer.

Full details of the 10% rebates, information about the customers who made this performance possible and details about the products they make using Wood IQ CNCs you can find out here or by clicking on the picture below.

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