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Finishing and reconditioning outdoor furniture with Borma Wachs oils

In every garden, furniture is often a central element, providing a comfortable and pleasant space for relaxing and socialising outdoors. However, exposure to the elements can lead to wear and tear and gradual deterioration. Fortunately, a simple and effective solution to revitalisation is to refinish and recondition it with oil. This technique not only improves the appearance of your garden furniture, but also extends its lifespan by providing protection against external factors.

Oil, a traditional and effective method of wood protection

Oil finishing is an ancient technique for protecting and improving the surface of wood that has been used since ancient times. The method is based on applying a thin layer of natural or synthetic oil to the surface of the wood to enhance its natural beauty and provide protection against environmental factors.

The oil is very effective because it protects the wood on the outside but also on the inside. It penetrates the pores of the wood and forms a protective barrier inside the wood fibres. This deep penetration process gives the wood excellent protection against moisture, extreme temperatures and other external aggressions.

While in the past oil finishing had the disadvantage of a long waiting time for drying to be complete, modern wood finishing oil variants, whether natural or synthetic, dry much faster. Also, the application method is simple so it can be done by anyone at home. The key to achieving the most durable and long-lasting finish is to use quality products and follow the instructions for application and maintenance.

The benefits of using oil for finishing and reconditioning garden furniture

One of the advantages of oil finishing is that highlights and enhances the natural texture and grain of the wood. Instead of covering the surface with a thick layer, the oil penetrates deep into the fibres of the wood, accentuating its details and natural characteristics.

Another major benefit of oil finishing is its ability to protect wood against moisture and UV rays. Specific oils for outdoor furniture are formulated to withstand constant exposure to sun, rain and moisture, preventing deterioration and discoloration of wood over time. The oil provides a protective barrier against moisture, UV rays and other damaging agents, thus preventing rotting, discoloration and cracking of the wood.

The oil finish provides a flexible finish, easy to repair and maintain. If the surface of the furniture has deteriorated over time or suffered scratches, these can be easily repaired by lightly sanding the affected area and applying a new coat of oil. Unlike other materials, the repair will not show as a stain, the appearance will be the same as before.

Last but not least, furniture oils are formulated environmentally friendly, without harmful chemicals or harmful emissions.



Borma Wachs oils, a durable choice for garden furniture

Borma Wachs is a brand known for the quality of its wood finishing products. Loma Tech specialists (, distributor of Borma Wachs products in Romania, recommends Teak Oil and Danish Oil for finishing garden furniture.

Teak Oil is a ready-to-use, oil-based product suitable for all interior and exterior wood surfaces. Its use makes the surface water-repellent, gives it a pleasant natural appearance and protects against atmospheric and biological pests.

Danish Oil or Decking Oil HD is a special blend of odourless oils with low environmental impact that protects all types of wood. It dries very quickly after application and gives the surface a pleasant decorative effect. Its UV filter and preservative content make it suitable for outdoor use.

The steps for finishing garden furniture with these products are as follows:

    • Wood preparation. Make sure the wood is clean, dry and well sanded so that it is smooth, free of impurities and has a good adhesion.
    • Application of teak oil. The oil is mixed well in the packaging and then applied to the wood surface with a brush or pad. Allow to absorb thoroughly for 30 minutes, then wipe off the excess. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
    • Application of decking oil. Apply with a brush or roller after the teak oil has dried completely. Apply an even, continuous and thin layer. If necessary, apply a second coat after the first one has dried completely.
    • Maintenance. For good film quality and durability, drying times must be respected. Maintenance is done by periodically reapplying a coat of Danish oil depending on weathering and wear.

Using the Borma Wachs materials mentioned and respecting the technology, the garden furniture will be protected against weathering, including humidity, UV rays and temperature variations, while preserving the natural beauty of the wood. It will also have increased wear and scratch resistance, making it ideal for heavy use. Ease of application and maintenance, without the need for special tools, makes these products the optimal choice for use by both casual users and DIY enthusiasts.

Loma Tech (Borma Shop) - distributor Borma Wachs

You can purchase Borma Wachs oils from Loma Tech, the main distributor of Borma Wachs products in Romania, on the website The Arad-based company aims to bring to the Romanian market innovative products, internationally recognized for their quality and efficiency in wood restoration and maintenance. The partnership with Borma Wachs not only confirms Loma Tech's commitment to offer top products, but also reflects the intention to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Loma Tech has a long and rich experience in the varnish and paint trade. Over the years it has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure computerised colouring of water, oil and wax-based products under optimum conditions. Their in-house customisation capability allows precise adaptation to the user's needs, offering a wide range of shades and finishes. Direct control over the tinting process allows the characteristics and quality of the products delivered to be maintained.

The Borma Wachs product range, of which the company from Arad is very proud of its distribution, includes various solutions for wood treatment, from waxes, wood oils and varnishes to specific products for restoration and conservation. The products are renowned for their exceptional finishes and long-lasting protection, whether it is for furniture restoration, wood floor maintenance or the application of finishes to exterior elements.

Loma Tech (Borma Shop) specialists have been trained at Borma Wachs' premises so that they can offer pre and post-sales advice at any time. The experience gained enables the most demanding project requirements to be met and permanent stocks ensure continuity and availability. From what we have learned from them, delivery can be made quickly throughout the country, with deadlines depending only on the efficiency of the courier service.

Finishing and refurbishing garden furniture with oil is not only a practical way to protect your investment, but also an opportunity to preserve and highlight the natural beauty of wood in your outdoor space. Therefore, this simple process can completely transform the look and functionality of your garden, giving you a pleasant and relaxing space to enjoy nature and relaxing moments outdoors.

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  • Danish Oil is a specially developed oil for interior and exterior wood, DIY and installation, based on natural oils and resins. The product allows waterproofing of wood and gives a transparent and durable finish. Once applied, it gives wood excellent protection against water, dirt and wear.
    In conclusion, oil finishing is a modern and efficient solution to have your garden furniture protected and revitalized. A smart choice to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant space in nature, without worrying about wear and tear or premature damage to your furniture.


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