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Protecting, cleaning and maintaining wood decks and patios with Borma Wachs products

Protecting and maintaining wood for decks and patios is very important to maintain the beauty and durability of these outdoor spaces. A well-maintained deck or patio not only adds aesthetic value to a property, but also provides a pleasant space for outdoor relaxation and socializing. But to keep wood in great shape over time it is essential that it is properly treated and cared for. Not all of us are specialists in wood finishing and we don't have much time to devote to patio care, so we need products that are effective and simple to use. What it takes to have hard-wearing decks and patios and how easy it is to use products Borma Wachs, below.

Importance of wood treatment and maintenance

Wood is a commonly used material in the construction of terraces and decks because of the natural look transferred to the space and its strength. However, even the most durable wood species can deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements and repeated use. Therefore, proper protection and maintenance of wood is essential to prolong the life of decks and patios.

We protect wood by applying layers of specific materials to its surface or by pressure or high-temperature treatments to prevent damage caused by moisture, UV radiation and other damaging factors. Protective coatings act as a physical barrier against wood deterioration and prevent problems such as discolouration, cracking, splitting, warping and even rotting. Applying a proper finish protects the wood, making it better able to withstand environmental conditions and daily use.

In addition, the finish enhances the aesthetic appearance of patios and decks. Available finishes come in a wide variety of colors that can add beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. The materials used highlight the natural characteristics of wood such as texture, natural pattern, even flaws that personalize it, giving it a touch of refinement and quality.

Last but not least, regular wood maintenance means lower costs in the long run. It is the only way to prevent irreversible deterioration leading to the replacement of damaged elements, at much greater cost and effort than regular maintenance.

Wood suitable for terraces and decks

Before proceeding to finish decks and patios with the products Borma Wachs, I would like to remind you of a few more words about the wood to be used for such work. Not all species are equally resistant to the outside. We are talking about the durability of wood, i.e. resistance to external factors - water and moisture, UV radiation, micro-organisms, fungi, insects.

Water is the main enemy. Wood loves water and absorbs it from its environment. This increases its humidity and creates conditions for insects, fungi and micro-organisms to thrive. Very wet wood is easier to eat and will be easily attacked. This is why wood should be covered with top coats that improve the drainage of water from the weather and keep it away.

When choosing wood for a patio or deck, it is important to opt for species that are weather resistant and have a high natural durability. Such species are acacia, oak, chestnut, larch, douglas fir, teak, iroko. Durability is not related to hardness, a good example being beech, a hard and tough species, but without durability. It is not recommended for outdoor projects, like birch or poplar.

Wood suitable for decking is also treated to increase its resistance to environmental factors. We are talking here about wood impregnated at high pressure and temperature or species specially designed for outdoor use such as Accoya and Kebony. Even though it has much greater durability and the surface of these types of wood must be finished to preserve its colour and beauty.

Borma Wachs, a simple and effective solution

To keep your patio and deck from turning from a joy into a nightmare, you need products that are easy to use and maintain. Terrace Oil is, as I'm sure you've realised, a patio finishing oil. It can also be used successfully for decks. It is based on natural oils and due to its low viscosity has the ability to go deep. The wood will thus be very well protected against moisture. The appearance will be natural with a satin sheen. Elasticity and the lack of a thick, rigid film eliminates cracking and peeling. For resistance to sun and micro-organisms, Terrace Oil is enriched with UV filters and antiseptic additives.

The product is very easy to apply, even in the tinted version. The wood must be sanded and clean. There is no need for a primer coat beforehand. Apply with a brush, cloth or trowel, avoiding excess. Allow 10-12 hours for drying, depending on environmental conditions. Apply a minimum of 2 coats. Caution, in case of coloured product each added coat will close the colour. After the last coat, allow 24 hours drying time before use. For an additional decorative effect and increased protection, the following can be applied as a final coat Decking Oil HD-Danish Oil. If a new coat is applied for maintenance, sanding is not necessary.

By following the simple steps above, effective protection against the harmful effects of moisture, UV rays and general wear and tear is achieved. The surface of the wood will retain its natural appearance, with a highlighted texture and pattern, without a shiny sheen, but will become more resistant to environmental factors. Terrace Oil can be applied to a wide range of surfaces: wooden decking, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor decking, outdoor furniture and more.

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden decks and patios

In order for decking and decking to last a long time, the finish should be checked regularly and refreshed if necessary. One sign that refreshing is needed is the disappearance of the satin sheen that the wood takes on after applying deck oil. In this case, apply another coat without sanding the old finish. It just needs to be cleaned to remove the dirt accumulated over time.

Sometimes, when cleaning with water, small black or grey stains can be found. These are the effect of the sun and can also be remedied with a Borma Wachs product. This is Borma No Greyan easy-to-use detergent that restores colour. Formulated on a water base, the detergent is specially designed to effectively remove grey and black stains caused by prolonged exposure to the environment and direct sunlight. After use, the surface is rinsed thoroughly to completely remove stains and dirt, leaving the wood clean and revitalized. Regular use of the cleaner will keep the wood looking nice and prolong its life. It is the perfect choice for those who want to care for their decks and patios themselves.

Another detergent proposed by Borma Wachs is Exterior Wood Cleaner. It is a one-component, water-based product with organic active ingredients. It enables effective cleaning and prepares the surface for further treatment, removing dirt and restoring the colour of the wood. It is ideal for preparing wood for painting, varnishing or other protective treatments. It is simple and straightforward to use, allowing deep cleaning of wood surfaces without damaging them. After use, the recommendation is to rinse the surface thoroughly.

All these products can be purchased online at

Proper wood finishing and maintenance are essential to maintaining the beauty and durability of decks and patios. Choosing the right wood and adhering to a regular schedule of cleaning and refinishing will help extend the useful life of these outdoor spaces and ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience for many years to come.

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