Marius Șoflete announces new exhibition-festival event - nZEB EXPO

nZEB EXPO is the name of the new event that Marius Șoflete proposes it to the Romanian construction industry. The event, which is intended to be a benchmark in the field of energy-efficient construction, will take place at Romexpo Bucharest from 14-16 June and at Cluj-Napoca between 1 and 3 November. As Marius announced in a video you can watch at the end of the article, this event is the place to find all the know-how, information and manufacturers you need to build efficiently, energetically and economically.

nZEB EXPO is basically the continuation of the steps taken in this direction by Marius and his team so far. I'm referring to the events organised in Cluj, nZEB week from 2022, in partnership with the proNZEB Cluster and at nZEB goes Passive from 2023. Marius Șoflete is very keen for this event to become an international one next year. He describes nZEB EXPO as an integrated platform, designed to bring together designers, architects, engineers, energy auditors, material manufacturers, system suppliers, real estate developers and even financial specialists under one umbrella. The aim? To create a common environment for understanding and applying the principles of energy efficient building.

Through the partnerships established with Daniel Tudor from The Concept and Mihai Cima, known for organizing the events Imobiliarium, GoTech World or Bucharest Technology Week, nZEB EXPO promises to become a reference point both nationally and internationally. With these two key partners by its side, nZEB EXPO promises to be the biggest and best construction event ever held in the industry. Daniel and Mihai bring with them extensive experience in event organisation and dealing with clients and business partners, ensuring that the organisation of the event will be at the highest level.

The Bucharest edition will focus on energy efficiency in real estate developments, featuring three main stages: one for technical presentations, one dedicated to innovations and one for craftsmen, where efficient practices will be demonstrated live. The aim is to provide a platform for know-how and knowledge transfer, as well as networking between professionals and companies in the field.

In Cluj-Napoca, the focus will be on the energy rehabilitation of old buildings, an acute problem in the current urban context. This edition will address smart and sustainable solutions for upgrading existing infrastructure, from communist blocks to historical monuments.

Both events are free of charge, but pre-registration is required on the website nZEB Expo in order to participate. With a dynamic programme tailored to the needs of participants, NZEB EXPO promises to deliver an integrated and valuable experience.

Below, the video made by Marius Șoflete with his two partners, Daniel Tudor and Mihai Cima.

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