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Innovations in wood treatment: BIGonDRY and thermomodification

BIGonDRY is an Italian company founded in 2001 that develops advanced technologies for drying, sterilizing, steaming and thermomodifying wood. With over 35 years of experience in the field, BIGonDRY offers engineering solutions tailored to customer needs, with a focus on optimizing the performance and energy efficiency of machinery.

A key focus of the company is thermomodification of wood, an all-natural process using only steam and heat to significantly improve the technical characteristics of the wood material. The process involves physico-chemical changes within the wood, without the use of any chemical agents. The result is more durable, dimensionally stable and resistant to biological agents.

Thermally-modified wood thus acquires outdoor applications previously reserved for expensive exotics such as teak. Pool decking is a prime example - through thermo-modification, indigenous woods such as beech or ash can successfully replace teak, offering the same durability and aesthetic appeal at much lower cost and minimal environmental impact due to short transport distances.

Research conducted by BIGonDRY together with leading universities in Europe has demonstrated the superiority of the thermomodification process developed by the company, achieving excellent results even on species considered "poor" such as poplar. Outdoor resistance has increased from a few months to over 50 years in thermomodified poplar.

It should be noted that both beech and poplar are species classified in strength class 5 according to the EN 350 standard, with the lowest resistance to decay and are considered perishable. The natural outdoor hardiness of these species is less than one year.

BIGonDRY is represented in Romania by Wood Process.

For details about BIGonDRY's revolutionary technology, watch the interview with Michele Bigon, the company's CEO, at Xylexpo 2024.

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