Paolino Bacci and Albricci Srl announce a new strategic partnership in the woodworking industry

Paolino Bacci, one of Italy's leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery with a tradition of over 100 years, recently announced a new strategic collaboration with Albricci, a leading machinery distributor with a strong vocation for after-sales services.

Founded in 1918, Paolino Bacci has specialised since the 1950s in the production of seating and solid woodworking machinery, constantly introducing innovative, high-performance and reliable equipment to the market. The company's innovative capacity is confirmed by the numerous international patents held and the wide range of machines in constant evolution. We recently attended the Bacci Open House where we were able to see the company's work from the inside. Read more in this article.

For its part, Albricci Srl has been active since 1984 in the consultancy and sale of woodworking machinery, becoming a reference point for companies in the furniture industry, from small craftsmen to medium and large factories. With a team of over 40 people, Albricci focuses on the service area with an emphasis on technical assistance, training and consultancy.

Here's Paolino Bacci's LinkedIn post about the partnership:

This cooperation will allow the combination of experience and expertise Paolino Bacci with the reputation and distribution network of Albricci, creating added value for all partners. We believe that new opportunities and avenues for development will be opened up, raising standards in the woodworking sector.

It remains to be seen how this promising partnership between two leading players in the field will materialise. Customers in the furniture and woodworking industry will certainly benefit from the synergy between Paolino Bacci's technological innovation and Albricci's services.

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