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Sirca Academy - the direct link between research, production and industry

In the interview at BIFE SIM 2016, Ugo Pelosin - Sirca export manager - mentions the concern for information transmission, for which the Sirca Academy. It is an event that brings together the manufacturer of finishing materials with their users. Direct customers and distributors from all over the world are given the tools to test Sirca products under real working conditions and evaluate the characteristics of the films. Basically, the Academy is an information and training tool for Sirca's industrial customers, partners and distributors.

sirca academy

Meetings that generate important and useful exchanges of ideas

The idea originated from the collaboration that Sirca's R&D Department has with the universities of Padua and Milan. Meetings between factory and university researchers bring together two worlds that generate a very important exchange of ideas for both sides. Industrial researchers bring information from the market and try to overlap it with the latest findings from the universities' laboratories. At the same time, university researchers can find out what the market wants, so that their research is useful and up-to-date.

The same thing happens at Sirca Academy. The Research and Development Department is put in direct contact with the world of industry, with the real market requirements, so that research can be channelled towards market needs. And the beneficiaries in industry can find out the latest news and adapt or integrate it into their future projects.

During the courses, Sirca partners have the opportunity to test certain technical solutions in the factory laboratories and thus see what they will be confronted with during industrial applications. They can also find the best solutions for each particular case. Technical staff in partner factories can benefit from training to keep up to date with the latest products and technologies developed.

Sirca has customers all over the world and their requirements can be very different. Maurizio Durante - Sirca's Vice President - wants every customer, regardless of size, to be satisfied with the products and to always make an informed choice so that maximum results are achieved. These meetings help them to continuously improve the range of products offered to customers as well as the application technologies.

sirca academy

sirca academy

Partnerships for better transmission of information

This year (2016) several meetings between researchers and beneficiaries took place under the auspices of the Academy. The topics covered were very diverse: paints for metals, water-based products for indoor and outdoor use, UV-curing products. Just last week they had their meeting to present UV products.

In order to better understand how these products work, Sirca has partnered with Cefla, and practical demonstrations were held in the laboratories of the well-known finishing line manufacturer.

sirca academy

sirca academy

Such an idea is worth adopting by all finishing manufacturers and not only by them. The closeness between the manufacturer and those who use the product leads to a two-way exchange of information, which is very useful both in obtaining high-performance materials and using them to maximum effect.

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