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In 2018 Wood Magazine will have two print editions, in March and September. The feedback we have received from you has shown that the appearance of the magazine was a good decision, it was very well received. We are happy that we were able to bring/add value to this market, create content that will help and inspire you. From now on we need your help to make the Wood Magazine a regular appearance in print. So if you need a quality magazine in your workshop or library,

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You can subscribe to our website in just a few clicks. You can pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery. After placing your order you will immediately receive an email with your order details. If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, please make the payment to the mentioned account. After payment you will receive the March 2018 issue together with your subscription invoice. If you have opted for cash on delivery please make payment upon delivery of the March 2018 issue. You will receive the September 2018 issue of the magazine, as well as the previous issue, at home or at the address you mention in your order. It's very simple.

Content will be different from online

The articles in the printed magazine will be different from those posted online on Fortunately the topics are very many and give us the possibility of a diverse content. We feel it is our duty to offer dedicated content to those who want to support us in this project. Access to the information on is and will remain free of charge. You will always be able to access the information online. Of course, by subscribing to the printed magazine you will encourage us to continue the work we have started and we thank you.

The magazine is for those who love wood

We are often asked who the Wood Magazine is for. Companies, individuals? Wood Magazine is written for people who love wood. It covers the need for information, ideas, solutions, products needed when working with wood. Whether you are involved in the life of companies in the field, or just passionate about this wonder of nature, we want you all to find valuable information in the magazine, to add value to the information you already have. Also, those of you looking for quality information about the most valued woodworkers and woodworking professionals, we want to have you all as readers. As well as the techniques that the most professional of them use, in the magazine you'll also see some of the work that made them famous.

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I've had the chance to work in various departments. Thus I gained experience in Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Sales, Operations, Marketing. I am a team player and an all around player. I am an entrepreneur, I coordinated the sale of a wood varnish and paint business to a multinational. In 2016 I discovered the digital world, publishing and online marketing. Since then I have moved my accumulated experience and skills online.


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      We have a small backlog on this issue.
      The large number of subscriptions created some logistical problems for us.
      The magazines will reach all subscribers by mid-April.
      We apologise for the delay and thank you for your understanding.

    • Hello,
      The magazine printed for the last 2 years has been suspended.
      We will start printing it again next year, from 2023.
      It will have 4 issues/year, March, June, September and December.
      We have not yet determined the price of the magazine or the value of the subscription.
      More details will be published in early 2023.
      You can subscribe to the newsletter in the meantime to keep up to date with the latest news.
      Thank you.


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