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The link between Danibrum and the German brand Lohmeyer IQ has become increasingly close lately. This year at Ligna, the German company presented itself alongside its Romanian partner, showing its appreciation for this collaboration. Until recently, Lohmeyer woodworking machines shared the website with other brands sold by the company on the Romanian market. But now there are, a website dedicated to the brand, where you can find information about the machines and the manufacturer. The way these premium machines are designed and built for processing derived boards and wood is presented transparently, explaining the quality-price ratio.

Who is Lohmeyer

A graduate wood engineer and an architect set up the company, guaranteeing the quality of the machines with their own name - Lohmeyer. Each of them had years of experience prior to this venture, one in timber machinery sales, the other in construction management. In addition, both had woodworking skills, having graduated from courses certifying them as carpenters. The experience they gained helped them build a woodworking machinery company that is now known worldwide.

Since the beginning of the production, they wanted to deliver high quality machines with a competitive price and structured services based on the customers' needs. The machines have been designed and engineered in Germany based on the vast German experience in woodworking. Production has been outsourced to Nanxing, China, in a modern factory equipped with state-of-the-art German and Japanese machinery, certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. The quality of the machines leaving the factory is tested by the German engineers who designed them.

Their experience in selling machinery has helped them identify customer needs. This made it easy for them to find solutions when it came to providing technical service for own-brand products. There are standardised items at the company's headquarters in Germany, so the waiting time for spare parts is very short. Close cooperation with partners enables them to provide the necessary technical support both during installation and during operation. There is no waiting for specialists in Germany, everything can be done quickly with the help of the partners, with Danibrum in the case of Romania. a website dedicated to the German brand of machinery for wood and wood products is simple to use, so you can quickly find the information you are interested in. It is structured by categories of processing machines: circular, edge banding machines, packet formatting circulars, CNCs. For each machine you can find the configuration (factory equipment + possible options) and features in the data sheet.

Those who want to know more about the Lohmeyer brand, design, production and smart solutions will find this information in English. The production location is presented transparently, showing the advantages of manufacturing in China, in a well-known factory you can rely on. In fact, at Ligna, Lohmeyer presented itself alongside its Chinese partner.

For those interested in offers or further information, there is a "Contact form" on the website to be filled in. They will not be contacted by phone if they do not wish to be contacted, the answer will be provided by email. Company representatives can also be contacted by telephone using the numbers on the same page.

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