StartCUT - a new range of Wood-Mizer ribbon webs

Wood-Mizer offers a new range of ribbon sails made from carbon steel, combining low prices with mid-range performance. This makes the StartCUT the most cost-effective cloth in Wood-Mizer's range.

panze startCUT Wood-Mizer




Sails StartCUT is the latest addition to Wood-Mizer's range of ribbon sails, which also includes the popular SilverTIP sails, the best-selling DoubleHARD sails, the high-quality MaxFLEX sails and the specialised BiMETAL, RazorTIP and Vortex ribbon sails.

StartCUT blades are made of carbon steel, with special attention paid to quality and compliance with a high standard in terms of technical parameters. These sawing and cutting blades are sold with induction hardened, quenched and tempered teeth. Range StartCUT is now one of the most economical blades on the market, being available at competitive prices and providing quality cutting results.

panze startCUT Wood-Mizer

"There is a large group of customers whose choice is influenced by the cost of the cloth. StartCUT is the best canvas in this case. Canvases StartCUT has been tested in many countries and has proven to meet customer expectations," says Krzysztof Kropidlowski, Sales Director of Wood-Mizer Industries, Poland.

StartCUT blades are available to order in Europe. Contact your local Wood-Mizer office for a quote. 


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