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Circular EG800 vs MR200 multiblade saw - Which is the best solution for your business?

Have you reached the point where you're thinking about adding a hemming circular or multi-blade saw next to your ribbon saw? Wood-Mizer gives you two top choices: the EG800 single head circular and the MR200 twin-shaft multi-blade saw. But which is the right choice for you? Let's put them face to face and discover the strengths of each!

Wood-Mizer MR200 - Compact, versatile, productive

The MR200 multi-blade saw has been designed to efficiently cut prisms up to 200 mm thick and 540 mm wide and can offer a claimed productivity of 10 mc/h. Its secret lies in its two height-independent shafts, which can accommodate up to 24 circular blades in total. This design allows both shafts to be loaded equally when cutting thick slats, but also allows the use of a single shaft for thin material. The mobile control panel, automatic feed up to 15 m/min, built-in chopper and sawdust suction connections make the MR200 a complete machine that is easy to integrate into your production space.

  • Designed to cut prisms up to 200 mm thick, 540 mm wide
  • Productivity up to 10 mc/h with the 2 shafts and 24 blades in total
  • Unique tree height adjustment for equal load at felling
  • Option to use a single shaft for thin materials
  • Automatic forward speed up to 15 m/min and speed control
  • Mobile control panel for easy integration into production workflow
  • Built-in wood chipper and suction fittings for sawdust removal

Wood-Mizer EG800 - Precise industrial level hemming

On the other hand, the EG800 circular excels in precise edging of planks and prisms up to 110 mm thick. With a single spindle equipped with 4 circular saw blades of 375-400 mm and sturdy retaining rollers, the EG800 provides a high quality workpiece finish. The up to 55 kW motor ensures a smooth and consistent cut, while easy width adjustment via numbered spacers allows quick adaptation to job requirements. Setworks control for automatic positioning of a moving blade comes as a plus for precision and repeatability.

  • Dedicated to precision cutting of planks and prisms up to 110 mm thick
  • 4 circular 375-400 mm shaft and sturdy retaining rollers
  • Powerful 30 or 55 kW drive for shaft and feed
  • Easy adjustment of cutting width by numbered spacers
  • Dedicated Setworks control for automatic positioning of a moving sail
  • Easy integration into existing processing lines, including high support
  • Conveyor evacuate sawdust under the machine for cleaning at work

Key similarities and differences

Before making a decision, it's important to consider a few key points. Both machines are notable for their adaptability to most Wood-Mizer band saws, allowing a gradual upgrade of your manufacturing line. The flexibility offered by adjustable cutting widths is also a common strength. However, there are also notable differences. The MR200 has the unique ability to trim thick prisms on two adjustable shafts, while the EG800 focuses on precision hemming with 4 blades on a single shaft. The circular blades used by the two models do not require frequent changes, unlike ribbon blades that need to be replaced every few hours.

  • Both extend the productivity of a slitting and edging line
  • Adaptable to most Wood-Mizer ribbon saws for gradual upgrading
  • Adjustable cutting widths with interchangeable spacers and bushes
  • MR200 has 2 adjustable shafts with up to 24 blades for cutting thick prisms
  • EG800 has 1 shaft with 4 blades dedicated to precise plank cutting
  • MR200 is compact with carousel return vs HR500/700 with 6 heads and dedicated return
  • Circular sails do not require frequent changes vs ribbon sails every 2h


No matter which machine proves to be your secret weapon for increasing productivity, whether it's the EG800 with its precise edging or the MR200 with its flexible resawing, one thing is certain: investing in a dedicated circular or multi-blade saw will take your lumber processing to a whole new level. Carefully analyse the technical specifications, assess your current and long-term needs and don't hesitate to ask for advice. specialists at Wood-Mizer to make the most informed decision. With the right machinery, you will be able to maximise your yield, produce high quality timber and thus strengthen your market position.

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