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Why more and more Romanians are now building their houses on prefabricated wooden structures

The two months of home confinement have made many think about the benefits of a house with a yard. That piece of land around the house, however small, has been a blessing during this period for those who have had it. I have friends who have decided to leave their apartments these months and go live in the country in inherited or rented houses. Confirmation that many have been thinking about houses, abandoning the idea of buying a block of flats, came from Vlad Liteanu of Litarh. The number of people who contacted his company to discuss the possibility of collaboration was much higher than in previous years. Not only that. Those who called to discuss or ask for a quote were much better informed, with this construction option being a very clear choice. Together with Vlad, we put together a top list of the main reasons why people chose prefabricated timber frame houses.

houses on wooden structure litarh
House in Suceava-Sfântu Ilie, built by Litarh
Reduced working time on site at a house on prefabricated wooden structures

Everyone now wants a house built as soon as possible. They did their research and saw that a 100 m² house can be assembled and roofed in a week. The fact that no drying materials such as mortar or cement are used for the walls - that it is a dry construction site, as the specialists say - means that the interior and exterior finishing can start 2-3 days after the assembly is completed.

It should be noted, however, that everything goes quickly if you have a project, building permit and other necessary documents in the area where you are going to build. Also, the foundation must be poured and dry when you start building the house. If all this is taken care of, you can move into your new house in 3 months. Provided it's not a very large house and you don't want any of the fancy finishes.

Don't call a timber frame house building company if you don't have a design or even a sketch of what you want. If you are interested in an architectural firm or a structural engineer, you will be helped with recommendations, but without knowing exactly what you want, you can't. Don't waste your time asking for quotes for "a house of about 100 m², with 2 or 3 rooms, with a ground floor and maybe a first floor or maybe an attic", you won't even get an approximate one. Why? Because a price offer involves precise calculations based on clear and detailed information. And about the floor, you should also know that you can only build on prefabricated wooden structures if you are thinking of a one-storey house, Gf+1 storey or Gf+2 storeys.

houses on wooden structure litarh
The house in St. Elijah, in the project phase
Increased earthquake resistance of houses on wooden structures

This argument convinces a lot of people. Why are wooden structures more earthquake resistant? Because wood is a flexible material and because wooden structures are much lighter (4 times lighter) than similar concrete or brick structures. In the event of an earthquake, the force acting on the structure is less and the house resists better. Another consequence of the fact that wooden structures are lighter is that you will spend less on the foundation. Since the weight of the whole house is less than that of a masonry or brick one, the foundation will be calculated to cope with such a weight. One very important element that stiffens the structure and makes it resistant to lateral forces, such as those exerted by an earthquake, is the OSB. It clings to the wooden structure that forms the wall, making it very strong and hard to knock down, both in earthquakes and strong winds.

houses on wooden structure litarh
House in St. Elijah, construction stage
High energy efficiency by nature of materials and technologies used attracts those interested in building now

Vlad Liteanu said that young people in particular are concerned about this issue. They are very informed and want a well-insulated house so that energy bills are very low. They are also attracted by the passive house concept and the possibility of producing their own energy. Houses on prefabricated wooden structures have insulation already fitted inside the wall. They don't need additional cladding, and the degree of thermal insulation depends on the thickness and quality of the insulation. insulating material used. Many people choose basalt plaster because it is a material with good insulating qualities and, very importantly, fire-resistant. Basalt plaster does not burn but melts after more than 2 hours at 1000°C.

For a well-insulated house, it is not enough to insulate the walls alone. The floor and roof also need insulation, an external insulation system is needed and, very importantly, thermal bridges that occur around doors and windows or at wall joints must be eliminated.

litarh wooden structure pots
House in St. Elijah, roof installation
Investing in real estate

In times of crisis, people try to find solutions to protect their savings. Past experience has shown that banks are not always safe and it's best not to put all your eggs in one basket. One basket may be investing in real estate.

An older customer from Italy called to say he wanted to do another house, also with Litarh. He was happy with the work and now wanted to protect his savings by investing in a house. This is the advice he gave to anyone with money to invest, arguing that a house does not lose its value over time, on the contrary, its value can increase. Especially if it is a new house, built according to the latest requirements on environmental protection, sustainable resource use and energy reduction.

If you've been thinking about a house with a courtyard all along, it's worth looking into a house on a courtyard structure. The advantages of this type of construction are very convincing. You can find out more about houses built by Litarh in the country or in Europe reading articles in the magazine or on the company's website

houses on wooden structure litarh
House of St. Elijah, interior
houses on wooden structure litarh
House in Sfântu Ilie, exterior finishes

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