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Build-in-Wood Demonstrator - A big step towards sustainability in construction

The "Build-in-Wood Demonstrator" is a test and demonstration building in the process of construction at the Danish Institute of Technology near Copenhagen. It is part of the Build-in-Wood project, an initiative supported by the EU through the Horizon 2020 programme.

Designed on two floors and covering an area of 340 m², the Demonstrator is more than a building; it is a vision translated into reality. Built from glulam, CLT and light wood facade elements, the building is intended to be an example of what the future of construction could look like. This structure is not only an architectural achievement, it is also intended to be a showcase of Build-in-Wood.

What is "Build-in-Wood"

"Build-in-Wood aims to develop a structured and integrated, sustainable and innovative system for the construction of multi-storey timber buildings. The ambition of the project is to optimise and make cost-effective these timber construction methods and to build a common practice, a kind of building standard in the European construction sector. In other words, the aim is to develop, demonstrate and document cost-effective, timber-based building systems.

Build-in-Wood partners

The project involves a consortium of 21 partners from different sectors and countries. They all aim to revolutionise timber construction, promoting the use of wood as a sustainable and competitive building material. They are

  1. Danish Institute of Technology (Coordinator) - Technology Research, Denmark
  2. Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology - Wood Technology, Norway
  3. Architects C. F. Møller - Architecture, Sweden
  4. National Technical University of Athens - Technology and Education, Greece
  5. Urbasofia - Urban planning, Romania
  6. Brașov Metropolitan Agency - Government agency, Romania
  7. Waugh Thistleton Architects - Architecture, UK
  8. Alexandra Institute - IT Research, Denmark
  9. University of Siena - Education, Italy
  10. proHolz Tirol - Timber Association, Austria
  11. Bimetica - BIM Consulting, Spain
  12. Rothoblaas - Building solutions, Italy
  13. rtd services OG - Consulting, Austria
  14. Adserballe & Knudsen - Construction services, Denmark
  15. Ergodomus - Wood engineering, Italy
  16. Habitech - Green Building Cluster, Italy
  17. Stora Enso - Timber and building solutions, Finland
  18. Knauf - Building materials, Germany
  19. Scandi Byg - Timber construction, Denmark
  20. hsbcad - Construction software, Germany
  21. EllisDon - Construction services, Canada

Participating cities in the Build-in-Wood project

In order to understand and implement Build-in-Wood solutions, seven very different European "Early Adopter Cities" were selected and agreed to apply the results of the project. These range from capital metropolises to medium and small mountain towns. The aim is to demonstrate that any city can choose to build with wood and benefit from its advantages, and their stories should inspire cities around the world to reconsider building and social responsibility.

Participating cities are Brasov (Romania), Trento (Italy), Innsbruck (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), Trondheim (Norway), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands).

"The Build-in-Wood Demonstrator is intended to be a living laboratory where the Build-in-Wood system will be intensively tested. From acoustics and indoor climate to insulation efficiency and moisture resistance, the project aims to gather valuable data that could revolutionise the way we build with wood. With its capacity for easy disassembly and reconfiguration, the building is not just a structure, but a dynamic research tool that will provide insights into new solutions and practices. Its construction started in February 2024 and has an estimated completion time of 6 months.

With several companies already interested in using the Demonstrator for their own research and documentation, it is clear that this initiative is at the forefront of a significant shift in the construction paradigm. To watch.

Source "Build-in-Wood"


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