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Pre-purchase consultation, installation and training, after-sales support - these are the stages where the Accesoria service team is at the furniture manufacturer's side to make sure everything runs smoothly. A reliable team guarantees continuous, sustained presence and customised solutions for each individual manufacturer, so that they can use the equipment in the best conditions, at full capacity. At the end of the year, we have centralised the most common problems encountered by the service team. With hundreds of pieces of equipment put into service, thousands of hours of training with customers and daily interactions with furniture manufacturers, we invite you to read our specialist recommendations to prevent these problems.

service team for woodworking equipment accessories

Identifying the cause leads to solving the problem

This is the recommendation made to producers of Mitică Neacșu, a specialist who has commissioned more than 1000 major machines in his 17 years of experience. It sounds trivial, but how many of us don't focus on solving the problem without looking for the root cause. From toothache to computer reset, we try to solve the problem quickly, the excuse often being lack of time. But the problem almost always comes back, and the lost time adds up.

By spending more time investigating the causes and circumstances that led to the problem, it can be removed for good, prolonging the life of the machine. This is what Mitică Neacșu does, which is why customers say he is "serious and very good professional".

Staff training and machine compliance

These are the recommendations made by Ion Bănescu after 15 years in the woodworking industry and a university degree. Modern machinery is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and operating it without serious training will inevitably lead to problems that will affect both the machine and the production flow. The more rigorous the adherence to procedures, the lower the risk of breakdowns.

A serious craftsman always respects his tools. Whether it's a saw, a chisel, a circular or a CNC, a professional will pay due attention to the tool that helps him achieve his goals. Treating your machine with respect means training before use and regular maintenance. It's the sure way to keep it with you as long as possible.

This way of seeing things has made Ion Bănescu a friend to many clients. That's how Cristian Hereg from HeregMob:

Ionică is my friend, he and Mitică are the best engineers I have ever met. I have nothing but praise. Ionică taught me how to service the tools to extend their life. Two deft hands and someone willing to explain it to you on the other end works wonders.... Ionic taught me to do what is best for the machine to prolong its life. I have had a Vitap canting machine for 11 years without repair. And that's thanks to Ionică."

Information on the responsibilities that come with the machine

Marius Dorin always advises customers to be very well informed about the benefits that a machine comes with, but especially about the responsibilities you have from the moment you purchase such equipment. Twelve years spent in the industry with the Accesoria Equipment team have taught him that in order to benefit from the advantages of a machine, you must first think about the obligations you have in relation to it.

"Of course the benefits are enormous in terms of productivity and quality. But there are some mandatory responsibilities if they want the machine to work well and have a long life: to be operated by a very well trained operator, both the operator and the manufacturer to allocate time for training, to maintain and overhaul the machine with all rigour and seriousness." - says Marius.

service team for woodworking equipment accessories

Always use qualified personnel for repair and maintenance

It is the recommendation of Daniel Niculescu, for 6 years with Accesoria Equipment, but with more than 15 years of experience in the furniture industry. And we all agree. Sometimes, driven by the idea of saving money, we forget these principles and call on people with less training. The risk is high and much more can be lost than gained.

Pay attention to machine requirements

Gheorghe Jiga is the one who makes this recommendation. In the 6 years he's been with the Accesoria Service team, he's learned that if you know your machine and pay attention to its manifestations, you'll always know what it needs.

"I always advise furniture manufacturers to pay attention to the requirements of the machine, to make sure they provide what the machine needs: exhausters suitable for the machine, an electrical system that can cope with voltage fluctuations, compressors suitable for the machine and air dryers suitable for those compressors to prevent water entering the machine. This last aspect is very important, especially in the cold season."

Compliance with even the most (seemingly) unimportant recommendations

Radu LazarThe youngest member of the service team is already experienced enough to know that any recommendations for the operation of modern equipment must be followed to the letter. He has been working in the furniture industry since university and joined the Accesoria team two years ago. According to the clients he works with, he has the energy of his age and an enormous willingness to learn and solve problems, being serious and committed.

In relation to the correct operation of the machines, Radu recommends furniture manufacturers to take care of the machines and give them due attention, just as they have been trained by the service team.

"Sometimes things that seem small or unimportant can affect the proper functioning and life of the machine. For example, the way you close it. You have to close it by following all the necessary steps to keep it safe." - atenționează Radu

Follow the recommendations of the service teams! They are the fruit of serious training, many hours spent in factories and solving difficult situations. And for personalised advice and a tailored maintenance strategy, we invite you to get to know them betterhereand contact them

service team for woodworking equipment accessories

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