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Wood-Mizer and MOReTENs join forces to jointly develop woodworking machines

It has been over 30 years since Wood-Mizer started its European operations in Koło, Poland, offering the woodworking industry a wide range of premium quality machinery. The company has grown greatly over the years, expanding into global markets, investing in new production facilities and helping thousands of customers achieve their woodworking goals. Their unique products are what helped define the Wood-Mizer Family, a wonderful team of workers, professionals and customers, all sharing a passion for wood.

Wood-Mizer currently sells saws and woodworking equipment in over 100 countries worldwide, offering equipment ranging from portable saws to stationary saws, horizontal and vertical band saws, log processing lines, circular and multi-blade saws, resaws, saws and saw blades. These products are an excellent choice in almost any environment - from enthusiastic hobbyists, small workshops and woodworking businesses to large industrial facilities.

Recently, Wood-Mizer has expanded its offering by adding planing and profiling machines, suggestively named Woodworking Products. New woodworking machines include the MP160, MP180, MP200, MP220, MP260, MP360, and MP365. With these compact and versatile machines, the slogan From forest to final form takes on a new meaning, allowing customers to make their end products from wood in an easy and profitable way. Products can range from planks, flooring, windows, staircases, railings, steps, door frames, door sills, picture frames and other decorative elements. The possibilities are endless as to what you can achieve with Wood-Mizer woodworking machines!

Immediately after the acquisition of the intellectual property right to the woodworking products from the Swedish manufacturer Moretens In 2017, it was decided to make use of this valuable expertise and start production of these items in the Polish Wood-Mizer factory. All manufacturing processes are supervised by experienced workers with appropriate qualifications. Technical designers are constantly improving the technology used and factory engineers supervise all activities at the production level, each machine is then checked in detail during the final inspection.

The main engineering task was to create a highly functional product of compact dimensions using the highest quality materials possible. Wood-Mizer planing and profiling machines have the following features:  

  • A cutting head with multiple knives (up, down, right, left) allows the desired shape of the board to be obtained after just one pass through the machine.
  • Individual electric coupling motors for each cutting head, helping to lower power consumption and reduce noise. 
  • Each cutting head has easily replaceable knives.
  • The solid stainless steel feed table ensures processing precision and working comfort.  
  • The cast iron grinding table is extremely durable and highly resistant to deformation, abrasion and stress.  
  • Thickness adjustment is done with a quick-access crank.
  • All control functions are accessible from a convenient dedicated operator unit.
  • Sawdust and chips produced during the cutting process are directed to the exhaust ports, so the work area remains clean.
  • The machine's steel body protects the internal electric motors (separate for each cutting head), feed rollers and adjustment mechanism.
  • The machine is light in weight and compact, so you can move it around the workshop without too much effort.

All woodworking products come with a wide variety of cutting accessories - Wood-Mizer TOOLSThese include HSS knives, HM carbide tipped knives, Tri Metal HSS double sided knives, HSS profile knives, dedicated cutting heads with replaceable HM profile knives, HM carbide tipped cutting head kits, 2/3/4 knife cutting heads and for special orders Wood-Mizer can design custom profile knives or side cutting heads. You can order them online or from your Wood-Mizer representative. Wood-Mizer provides quality technical support for its customers and a 2-year warranty on all woodworking machines. There is a wealth of information available on YouTube, customer interviews, guides and practical recommendations at your disposal. If you search on YouTube for "Wood-Mizer planing and profiling machines" you will find all this material.


The launch of woodworking products proves that Wood-Mizer continues to develop new technological solutions and inspires its customers to work on increasingly creative wood projects. 

Wood-Mizer RO S.R.L.
Factory No 6, Sura Mica 
557270 Jud. Sibiu 
Machine info: +40 755 20 20 30

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