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Wood-Mizer expands its range of woodworking equipment with the MS500 sliding table circular saw

This professional machine is the result of cooperation between Wood-Mizer engineers and experienced carpenters. It was developed for the daily needs of small and medium-sized woodworking workshops to efficiently cut various types of wood fibre boards and solid wood.

MS500 Wood-Mizer, Circular saw with sliding table for small and medium-sized woodworking workshops

The Wood-Mizer MS500 sliding table circular saw features an efficient cutting unit built into a cast iron structure, an engraver blade and a sliding table built on guide rollers. It is an attractive alternative to larger aluminium sliding table circular saws. The MS500 is ideal for cutting medium sized slabs; for cutting large slabs, it is recommended to use a Wood-Mizer MS750 sliding table circular panel saw.

What features does the Wood-Mizer MS500 moving table circular saw have?

The MS500 is a compact machine with easy adjustment of cutting parameters, where the height and angle of the main blade are adjusted using the indicator handles for precise settings. Exact cutting width and length are displayed on analogue indicators with a magnifying glass along parallel and perpendicular guide rollers. Optionally, it is possible to replace them with electronic readouts for ultra-precise measurements down to 0.1 mm.

MS500 sliding table saw is equipped with a quality slide mechanism for easy parallel and perpendicular positioning of the material on the worktable and efficient cutting. The support table increases stability when working with demanding material.    

The scoring blade is a solution borrowed from full-size moving table circular saws for clean and precise material cutting. To replace the main circular blade or to remove the scoring blade, simply unscrew the upper casing and open a small magnetic plate for quick access to the main blade. The height of the scoring blade is adjustable and can be lowered below if not required.

Inside the MS500, there is a circular blade with a maximum diameter of 400 mm operating at either 3500 or 4500 rpm, which can be adjusted manually by switching the drive belt between the bearings on the spindle. For cutting MDF board it is recommended to work at 3500 rpm and use the scoring blade, and for solid wood, 4500 rpm and no scoring blade.

The MS500 is delivered with a factory-set worktable, although it is possible to set it individually. The main blade, driven by a 6 kW motor, and the scoring blade, driven by a 0.75 kW motor, are mounted in a cast-iron cutting unit that can be moved upwards for height adjustment or tilted to change the cutting angle (0-45 degrees). The cast-iron worktable rests on four screws that allow precise balancing.

The cast iron used in the manufacture of worktables and cutting units on woodworking machines comes exclusively from established suppliers. The cast iron used for the production of the MS500 is forged and machined by prestigious European companies. It is the most stable and durable material for working in harsh conditions, with high resistance to deformation and vibration.   

Efficient removal of sawdust and wood chips is made possible by the 125 mm wide main inlet located directly on the cutting unit and the additional 100 mm wide inlet on the blade guard arm. For optimum performance of the MS500 sliding table circular saw, it is recommended to couple it to one of the Wood-Mizer MES sawdust removal systems.

For safe and comfortable work, the MS500 is equipped with a safety guard for the main blade, attached wheels for easy material feed and a lifting mechanism. The safety guard also allows efficient cutting at 45 degrees.

The operating panel consists of switches for the main blade and inker, LED indicators for blade speed and emergency stop button.

The MS500 sliding table circular saw was designed by European engineers and is made entirely of quality materials in European factories. The advanced design and production process guarantees trouble-free operation for many years.

In order to efficiently cut the full range of wood fibre boards for furniture or solid wood, we recommend that you choose a suitable cloth from Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalogue. A wide range of circular saw blades and scoring blades perfectly complement the woodworking machines.

For more information, please contact your local Wood-Mizer sales representative.

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