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Discounts up to -70% on FESTOOL hand tools and accessories from 9-13 November in the online shop Felder Gruppe UK

Black Friday is on 9-13 November 2023 at Felder Gruppe Romania. During this period you can find discounts of up to 70% on Festool hand tools and accessories in the Felder Gruppe online shop in the following link https://magazin.felder-gruppe.ro/.

If your workshop needs a drill, circular saw, edgebander, angle grinder, sander and many other Festool tools, you can equip it with discounts up to 70% off the list price. Plus, with every 2 tools ordered you get a free Festool Fan branded hoodie, and with every order you get a free professional furniture cleaning solution. Orders can be paid by bank transfer or credit card, picked up in the showroom or delivered by courier.

And while you're at it, you can see the whole Felder Gruppe Romania offer, i.e. industrial woodworking machines for larger workshops or factories. That's because, present on the Romanian market for more than 20 years, Felder Gruppe Romania offers complete solutions for furniture production, both for smaller workshops or businesses and for large factories. The company's mission is to always offer the right solutions so that each partner can produce more, faster, better and without worries.

I recommend, while you're at it, that you also take a look at their development programmes, built up over the years and therefore very well put together. I'm talking about flexible funding solutions through Flex-Fin programmeto guarantees extended by G+ programthe program Buy-Back whereby you can trade-in an old machine for a new or superior second-hand machine, more suited to your current production needs, or at Blitz Service program, which includes warranty and post-warranty technical support, training and spare parts for Felder, Format4, Hammer, Mayer and Schneider Airsystems brands.

I'm really curious what your experience was on the Felder Gruppe Romania online store. If you have purchased a Festool tool from them during this period please leave a comment below telling us your opinion about the product and your experience.



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