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Tradition and Innovation: the success story of an Italian family business, an example for Romania

In the heart of picturesque Zugliano (Province of Vicenza, Italy), Cristina SellaMarketing Director at Essetre, together with Daniel Paterno, the owner of a long-established family business, shows us how advanced technology has redefined craftsmanship and production in carpentry. This video interview, which you can see at the end of this article, highlights the close connection between Essetre and Daniel Paterno, illustrating a story of continuous evolution and adaptation that can inspire many here in Romania.

From Barrels to Innovation: A Family Business with Deep Roots

Story Daniel Paterno's company begins in 1920, when Daniel's grandfather, together with his brother, produced grappa and wine barrels and wagon wheels in Zugliano. Their small business gradually grew to a gater producing 27 planks in eight hours of work. This marked the beginning of an impressive evolution from traditional craftsmanship to modern industrial production, culminating in specialisation in roofing.

The decision to Inova: Adopting Essetre Technology

Daniel joining the company and taking over the leadership in 2015 was a turning point. Seeing the need for innovation, he chose to equip the business with Essetre machines, considered to be among the most technologically advanced and high-performing in the industry. The introduction of the first machine, PF, brought significant improvements in terms of working time and production quality, justifying the purchase of a second machine. This decision not only optimised production processes, but also marked the beginning of a long and successful collaboration with Essetre.

Essetre impact: From 2D Design to 3D Accuracy

The move from manual 2D design to fully automated 3D design was a revolution for Daniel Paterno's company. Essetre machines came with advanced software as well as the ability to anticipate problems, thus optimizing the entire production workflow. This transformation not only improved the quality of the end products, but also allowed efficient material and stock management, significantly reducing waste.

A Relationship Based on Trust and Ongoing Support

The technical support provided by Essetre was another key element in the success of the collaboration. With an efficient support service and a team always ready to respond quickly to technical issues, Essetre has proven to be a reliable partner, able to meet the specific needs of Daniel's company.

Reflections and Expectations Exceeded

Daniel Paterno confirms in the interview that his expectations of Essetre, both as an equipment supplier and as a partner, have been fully met. The improvements made by Essetre's technology have been directly reflected in the satisfaction of its customers, thus strengthening long-term business relationships. Essetre's flexibility and openness to innovation and adaptation to the specific requirements of each customer have been the strengths that have strengthened this successful collaboration.

A Lesson in Innovation and Adaptation for Family Businesses in Romania

The success story of Daniel Paterno's family business, enriched by his partnership with Essetre, serves as an example and inspiration for family businesses in Romania. The cultural similarities between Italians and Romanians - the importance of family, the preservation of traditions - combined with the adoption of technological innovations, opens new horizons for growth and development. This synergy between tradition and innovation is the key to success in an ever-changing world.

See below the video footage made by Essetre. Source woodindustry.news.


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