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ROBOT-Compact 650 HUNDEGGER presented at DACH+HOLZ 2024

Today we present the latest innovation from Hundegger: the ROBOT Compact 650. The compact automatic machine, which proves that small dimensions can hide impressive performance, was presented to us at DACH+HOLZ 2024 in Stuttgart by Hans Hundegger AG representative Wolfgang Piatke.

Flexibility and performance in one compact machine. This is exactly what many timber construction companies around the world have been waiting for: Hundegger has once again added machines with modest space requirements to its product range. The ROBOT-Compact 650 is specifically designed for carpenters who need flexibility and high volume in their production.

The ROBOT-Compact 650 enables efficient and professional operations even for companies with limited space and small production runs. Efficiency is achieved, on the one hand by using the ROBOT-Drive 6-axis robotic drive with automatic tool changer, on the other hand thanks to a sophisticated product concept.

The manufacturer's main objective in developing the product was maximum flexibility coupled with minimum use of space. It has been designed for cross-sections from 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 650 mm, for all types of operations up to the processing of laminated beams and CLT.

Today, efficient and profitable production is a decisive factor in the success of any company. That's why the ROBOT-Compact 650 has been uncompromisingly equipped with the 6-axis robotic unit. Automated wood processing leads to a real increase in capacity. This is because, as we know, the recipe for success is to produce more parts with fewer employees and in less time. From a log house to a prefabricated house or the most complicated roof structures, you can produce almost anything with this machine.

Precision and cost-effectiveness are cleverly combined. The centrepiece is the patented 6-axis robot unit with 28 tool slots. You can use the ROBOT-Compact 650 to perform all conventional operations in a single pass, without rotation or turning of the workpiece. The patented 6-axis robot unit has a speed range from 0 to 12,000 rpm and up to 28 selectable tool slots. The tool magazine is designed to hold up to 28 different tools with a working length of up to 420 mm. A conveyor belt is used to transport short pieces to the operator.

Hundegger is the world's leading manufacturer of fully automatic woodworking machines. In Romania there are about 25 customers using Hundegger machines, with the German company providing technical support, service, software and spare parts.

Below is the film made by the wood magazine Revista din Lemn at DACH+HOLZ 2024


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