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SCM Group - the Italian company's latest innovations presented at DACH+HOLZ 2024

At the heart of innovation and technology for the wood industry, the SCM Group once again demonstrated its deep commitment to progress and sustainability at the prestigious DACH+HOLZ International event in Stuttgart. The Wood Division's Product and Markets Director, Pietro Gheller, shared with us the company's vision and latest innovations in an evolving field.

Underlining the strategic importance of this event for the SCM Group, Pietro Gheller highlighted the company's significant investments in the timber construction sector. This not only reflects a move towards a greener and more sustainable industry, but also represents a pivot towards innovative solutions that meet the complex demands of the market.

Among others, SCM Group presented two outstanding innovations at DACH+HOLZ 2024. First, the Processing Centre CNC Oikos xsis a dedicated solution for timber construction, offering both flexibility and productivity. This launch underlines SCM's commitment to supporting timber construction companies by providing cutting-edge tools to support their growth and efficiency.

In parallel, SCM's efforts to optimise the interface between the enterprise and the processing machines are materialised by launch of Maestro Beam and Wall software. This product aims to maximise efficiency and minimise waste by ensuring seamless and optimised integration between the different stages of the production process.

In addition to these two main highlights, the SCM Group used the opportunity to highlight other innovations, including the Oikos xl+ and the DMC System XL sanding and calibrating machine, both designed to address the specific needs of the wood construction industry. This broad product range reflects SCM's commitment to providing complete and integrated solutions for its partners.

SCM's investments are not only limited to products and technologies, but also to the market in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), with a significant presence in Nuremberg, reiterating the company's commitment to making this segment an outstanding success for the group.

Watch the interview with Pietro Gheller SCM Group for Wood Magazine

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