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SAOMAD - Specialized robotic machinery for wooden window production

SAOMAD was founded in 1956 as a craft business, typical of that time. The Italian company quickly specialised in the manufacture of machines for the production of wooden windows and has evolved continuously since then, now producing autonomous robotic machines that produce up to 80 windows in 8 working hours. Born as an Italian family business, SAOMAD has now reached its third generation of owners, with over 65 years of constant activity in the same field of production. We took advantage of our presence at Holz-Handwerk 2024 to discuss SAOMAD with Claudio Filippi, Sales Manager-SAOMAD and Florin Dumitrașcu - Manager Ligna Dumi Tech, SAOMAD dealer. Video at the end of the article.


Technological evolution and continuous innovation

Over the years, SAOMAD has witnessed various technological developments that have led to the consolidation of its position as one of the oldest and most respected European companies in the field of wood window machinery production. Investments in technology and the development of new, high-performance products have always been on the company's agenda, with the aim of providing the market with automatic, intelligent and safe machines that enable high productivity without depending on skilled labour.

Product loyalty and the European market

A defining aspect for SAOMAD has been its loyalty to its core product - wooden window machines. Their main customers are in European markets, from the Nordic countries to Southern and Eastern Europe, with incipient expansion into more distant markets such as Australia, Canada and Japan. However, the main focus remains on the European market, where the SAOMAD team relies on specialised staff to ensure the highest standard of quality and service.

Diversified portfolio of high-performance machines

SAOMAD offers a wide range of machinery for both small local manufacturers and large global industries. From basic models such as the Woodpecker Just, with a throughput of around 13 windows produced in 8 hours of production, to high-performance machines such as the Woodpecker Performance, which can produce up to 80 windows in the same amount of time. Each product stands out for its autonomy, productivity and state-of-the-art technology.

Commitment to quality and innovation

All machines produced by SAOMAD comply with EC safety and noise regulations and are equipped with advanced dust extraction and protection systems. The mechanical components are of the highest quality, from renowned European brands, ensuring the highest reliability and durability of the products.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

A key aspect of SAOMAD's philosophy is environmental responsibility, reflected in the use of hybrid engines that generate energy during braking, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and the sustainability of the cars produced. The certifications obtained in this respect attest to the company's commitment to a reduced environmental impact.

Reliable service and support

To ensure the smooth operation of its machines and customer satisfaction, SAOMAD offers a full service and technical support, with spare parts available 24/7 and an extensive service network in Europe. Remote assistance and direct communication with customers are a priority to maintain standards of excellence and customer satisfaction.

SAOMAD's evolution reflects the company's commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, which can also be seen in the video footage made at Holz-Handwerk 2024 with Claudio Filippi, Sales Manager-SAOMAD and Florin Dumitrașcu - Manager Ligna Dumi Tech, SAOMAD dealer.

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