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Simple DIY project: wooden baby toy

You will see one of the simplest things that can be made from wood. It's simply a project made from just a few pieces of wood and strips of leather. It's a wooden version of one of the most popular children's toys and much more suitable than any plastic version. Plus, it's an idea for parents who appreciate and prefer simple things made from the most natural materials. It's a project with low material consumption and minimal difficulty to make. You can see from the very first picture that there is nothing complicated or difficult to do. And, the idea of making something with your own hands for your child or other children in the family is very tempting, even for those less skilled at this kind of activity.

plain wood
A simple toy for a happy child
plain wood
All right, the toys are packed

with just a few simple measurements and operations


Sanding is one of the most important finishing operations, and in this case, you need to sand thoroughly. As smooth and fine a surface as possible is absolutely necessary.


Leather strings can be used to hang balls, rings or wooden bracelets.

plain wood

If you have older children in the family you can do something just as simple for them. Don't spend your money on nonsense!



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