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Eco-friendly house on wheels made of reclaimed wood

It may be a dream for many who want a holiday home. That is, a house you can put in a clearing or forest, be environmentally friendly and made of recycled wood. Such a house is the subject of the article below. It's eco-friendly, energy is supplied by roof-mounted panels, has rainwater harvesting systems and is equipped to a very high standard and is totally self-contained.

eco-friendly house

House on wheels with luxury amenities

The Greenmoxie came up with the idea for this project, working with designers, carpenters, builders and specialists in solar energy systems and rainwater harvesting. They were so enthusiastic about the idea that, although they had set a budget, things got a little out of hand. As the project came to life, they came up with all sorts of new ideas and put them into practice. In the end, they came up with something they had previously thought impossible: an eco-friendly house with all the comforts of home, a house with 'luxury' amenities.

The house has a surface of 35 sqm. The exterior is made of cedar wood treated with linseed oil. The interior walls are painted pine, the floor is oak and the ceiling is reclaimed wood. It is covered with black corrugated sheeting on which 2 solar panels are mounted.

It has a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, even a mobile terrace that is electrically operated. The bathroom has a fully equipped shower, sink and toilet with composting system. The living room has a sofa and multifunctional furniture, very useful for storage. The bedroom is in the loft where you reach by a staircase that is actually a step closet. The kitchen has propane stove, refrigerator and functional sink. The house is very light and airy with windows on all 4 sides and a dormer created due to the level difference between the rest of the house and the loft area.

All appliances are powered by a solar photovoltaic system with a capacity of 11 kW stored energy. Rainwater is collected in a 200 l drum. The water used is reclaimed and there are systems to purify it. The house is thermally insulated and has a ventilation system to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature inside. In winter it can be heated with a propane heater and a wood-burning stove.

Yes, this mobile home may be the dream of many of us. Few of us wouldn't like to move house from time to time to a different place or country and stay in the same comfort. Such a home is now a dream come true.

eco-friendly house

eco-friendly house

eco-friendly house

eco-friendly house

eco-friendly house

eco-friendly house

solar panels


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  • I can make it even cheaper. If I had been employed by now, I would have had my own house with all the panels, without the rainwater harvesting system. The cost would be far below what you offer as an alternative in price, quality but economical to the extreme. I am extremely serious about this idea!


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