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We're back at Rot Resort to see the new mobile home models and prices from 2023

The growing interest in mobile homes has prompted us to return to Rot Resort. We wanted to see what they've been up to since our last meetingwhat new models have appeared, how prices have evolved. We also wanted to find out the answers to a number of questions we had from you. Andrei Rotaru welcomed us with the same openness and openness, showed us the latest models built, told us about the team's evolution and didn't shy away from answering our questions. You'll find this discussion in the new video at the end of the article. What you don't see in the video, find out below.

A well-rounded team with a committed boss

Andrei is easy to talk to because he is open, cheerful and direct. He often jokes, laughs a lot, but gets serious when he talks about important things, about the company, about people. He has a close-knit team that he appreciates and is appreciated by his employees. He forms a big family with his employees and their families and they get together whenever they have the chance. When I told him that I really appreciate companies like this, he showed me pictures from their last meeting just a few days ago. It was on a Friday and suddenly, at noon, they decided to carve a pig together and have a barbecue. They were all there, including the kids, and it was obvious they were having a good time.

Things are going well and he has been hiring lately. When I ask him how he deals with skilled labour, he tells me that, first and foremost, he's interested in the person who wants to get a job wanting to work and learn. "If he wants to work, I'll find a place for him."He asks them to be fair, to work well and pays them accordingly. He tells me they can't work well if they're not quiet. And peace of mind comes from the security of tomorrow, from not worrying about the family's welfare.

He is careful that his cheerfulness is not taken as insouciance. At one point, when we were talking about questions about mobile homes, I told a reader's opinion that, being too casual and cheerful, he seems not to care about the opinions of others. As a result he made a point during the interview to drop the jokes and smile, despite my insistence that he be his usual self.


Demand has grown and diversified

Even without telling us, it was obvious that things had gone well since our last meeting. New house models have appeared, there is a new production facility, even the offices have been renovated and improved. The section in the middle of the showroom has become too small for the volume of work and is to be extended.

New models have emerged in response to increasingly diverse demands. As well as from private individuals, there are also many from property developers, tourism investors and even entrepreneurs who need accommodation for workers brought in from abroad. These are special requests, but they have the capacity to adapt. As long as the demand is realistic, solutions are found to implement it.

Rising energy prices have also had an impact. There is a mobile home model with photovoltaic panels. Andrei says it's one of the most difficult models and it's hard to keep a decent price for the house because the price of the panels has exploded. There's also the problem of delivery delays, which forces him to give longer delivery times. But it's what customers want and he has to adapt. He's also built one for the showroom.

Among the new models are houses with a special, more "different" design, houses with integrated terraces or bedrooms with bunk beds. To increase durability, many models have replaced wood cladding with sliding sheet metal.

Zalău brandy

Andrei is a pleasant interlocutor and the discussion would certainly have lasted longer if we hadn't had to leave. Dorin Văideanu was waiting for us this afternoon at Coșna and I promised him we'd be there in good time. We were already running late and rushing to say goodbye when Andrei remembered that he had forgotten to give us some of his home-made jam. He disappeared immediately, before he heard our protests, and appeared with the bottles on which three plums stood proudly, along with the Rot Resort phone numbers. He assured us it was brandy he made for his family, team and customers. How can you say no to that!!!? Especially when you're a stone's throw from Zalău, whose reputation in the field is well known and acknowledged 🙂

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