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We're just over halfway through the year and already there are expert opinions on interior design trends for 2019. Profile publications talk about the colours of the year, materials, textures, combinations. We have become accustomed to each year to have something specific and there are many who are waiting to see what's new, who are looking for ideas to get inspired, to dream. The truth is that change is never sudden and total. Even if materials and colours change, the transition is smooth. All it takes is a few simple ideas and minimal investment to keep up with interior design. Here are some of the trends for 2019, what's staying and what's changing.

Wood and furniture

The furniture of 2019 is inspired by nomadic style. Pieces are compact, multifunctional, artistic and flexible. The space taken up by furniture is as small as possible without compromising on quality of life. Useful furniture is kept and pieces that only have a decorative role are discarded, this role is taken over by useful pieces. It's still a kind of minimalist style, with more comfort and more colour.

Oak and cherry are options for wooden furniture. Their choice is good both in terms of interior design and durability, aesthetics and warm colours. Even though it seems like an expensive investment, the return to valuable woods has been going on for a while and the trend is continuing. So the investment is in it for the long haul as long as you bank on durability.

Either the natural colour of the wood is preserved or it is coloured in light or very dark colours. Colours such as honey, douglas fir, cherry or pine will be preferred. On the other hand, colours such as dark walnut, wenge and even black will be increasingly common. Contrasts between shades will be found on the same piece or in the same room. Very popular will be burnt wood - Shou Sugi Ban method wood staining by burning.

Just get rid of unused pieces of furniture, free up as much space as possible and you're already in line with the demands of 2019. Adding a few cushions in the colours of the year or handmade rugs and quilts will create on-trend decor.

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Decorative but also smart mirrors

Mirrors will be a "must have" next year. Their role will not be limited to usefulness but will contribute decisively to the look, elegance and size of the home. Frames will be able to follow furniture trends or bring in new elements. They could be brightly coloured to be the focal point of the room. Their presence should be felt from the moment you enter the house, and be the centrepiece of the hallway. An investment in a mirror with a generous frame seems like a good idea for next year.

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But even this decorative object has been touched by technology and a novelty in our homes will be smart mirrors with temperature sensors, LEDs for lighting, LCD display for information, internet connection, providing all the information you need depending on where you are. Imagine waking up, going to the bathroom to get ready, looking in the mirror and getting all the information you need to start your day, such as weather information, email, calendar, estimated traffic for your destination and who knows how much more.

Materials and textures

Metal, marble, ceramics, eco-leather, velvet, natural fibre textiles - there's hardly a limit to the use of material. Anything can be used as long as it doesn't become overwhelming, doesn't take up too much space.

Brass baths are equally classic and modern. The metal is used in the kitchen, but also for light fittings. However, copper seems to have peaked and the future belongs to silver-looking metal.

Precious materials such as velvet and leather will co-exist with natural and handmade materials. Velvet will add weight, while natural materials will create a pleasant and simple ambience. Handmade objects will be appreciated for their connection to the past as well as to nature.

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In 2017 the colour greenery, a raw green that gives hope, was proposed. It seems hope is needed again, so the proposal for 2019 is sage green. There are many other shades of green - dark, very suitable for sofas or velvet drapes - or teal.

It's not the only colour being talked about. There are also proposals for Rosa Millenium (a dusty pink), beige or Blue Navy. Strong splashes of colour - red, yellow, orange - are also on offer this year, given the natural colours. We'll see later what Pantone or the major paint manufacturers choose.

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Recovery and recycling

Recycling and recovery has been part of our lives for some time and can be found in every area. It's the way we get the message across time and time again that we need to take care of the planet and its resources. Last but not least, the message is that everything we throw away will soon be unmanageable.

There's a lot of things we throw away including wood and furniture. Reusing them is simple, without difficult recovery operations, sometimes only requiringto clean them. An old piece of furniture put in a corner, a coffee table made from a reused door are eye-catching design elements that are also in line with 2019 trends.

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Interior design trends in 2019 seem to be friendly, as we've become accustomed to over the years. It's easy enough to be on trend, the important thing is not to smother the interior with furniture, not to forget natural colours, add splashes of colour and mirrors and give simple handmade things a chance.

And one more thing! The retro-inspired design, the warmth, lightness and bright roundness of disco style will be the retro inspiration in the interiors of 2019.

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