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Il Salone begins - Salone del Mobile, Milan 2024

Salone del Mobile is one of the largest and most prestigious international furniture and design fairs. The event takes place in Milan, Italy, and attracts designers, architects and furniture manufacturers from all over the world, providing a platform for showcasing the latest trends and innovations in interior design. This year's Salone del Mobile takes place from 16-21 April 2024.

Salone del Mobile, also known as Milan Furniture Fair, is one of the world's most influential trade events dedicated to furniture design. It was founded in 1961 in Milan, Italy, with the initial aim of promoting Italian exports of furniture and furniture accessories. Over time, Salone del Mobile has grown in importance and size, attracting participants and visitors from all over the world. The history of the event reflects the evolution of design and innovation in the furniture industry.

Over the years, the event has expanded to include various other sectors such as Euroluce, dedicated to lighting, and SaloneUfficio, dedicated to office furniture. The event is also accompanied by Fuorisalone, a set of events and exhibitions that take place throughout Milan during Salone del Mobile week.

Salone del Mobile is renowned not only for showcasing the latest trends in furniture design, but also for promoting discussions about sustainability, innovation and the future of interior design. It is an occasion where internationally renowned designers, top brands and young innovators can showcase their creations, setting new directions in global furniture design.

Over the years, Salone del Mobile has been the scene of some remarkable events and product launches, reflecting innovations and trends in furniture design.

  1. Introduction of technology - In the 1980s and 1990s, Salone del Mobile began to integrate technology into furniture design, presenting products that combined functionality with technological innovations such as integrated lighting systems and intelligent space-saving solutions.
  2. Artistic collaborations - Over the years, many furniture designers have collaborated with artists and designers from other fields to create unique pieces.
  3. Thematic exhibitions - In 2010, the Salone del Mobile hosted a special exhibition dedicated to green and sustainable design, highlighting the furniture industry's commitment to the environment. The exhibition included pieces made from recycled materials and innovative solutions for reducing the environmental impact of furniture production.
  4. New material launches - Many editions of the Salone del Mobile have been occasions for the presentation of new innovative materials in the furniture industry. For example, in 2017, new materials were introduced that combine aesthetics with improved functionality, such as flexible composites and ultra-lightweight materials for outdoor furniture.
  5. Concept projects - Salone del Mobile is not only a place for presenting finished products, but also for avant-garde concepts, a kind of art installation. For example, in 2019, one of the designers who created such a special concept at Salone del Mobile was Gaetano Pesce. He designed and created the installation "Maestà Soffrente", which was presented in Piazza Duomo, one of the most emblematic locations in Milan. It was created to mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of the UP5&6 armchair, also known as "Big Mama", designed by Pesce in 1969.

    Salone del Mobile 2024, which runs from 16 to 21 April at Fiera Milano, promises a wide range of events. Highlights include immersive projects such as "Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room", which invites visitors to reflect on the production of interiors and their relationship to introspection. There will also be EuroCucina, a biannual exhibition focusing on kitchen design, bringing new innovations and products to the future of cooking and living space design.

    In addition to these, Salone del Mobile 2024 also includes a series of talks and roundtables under the title "Drafting Futures. Conversations about Next Perspectives", which will address topics related to new perspectives in design. It will also be a meeting point for over 1900 exhibitors from around the world, including designers and design schools, marking the 25th anniversary of SaloneSatellite. All events can be found on event page. You can also find the Fuorisalone events here. In conjunction with the Salone del Mobile, Fuorisalone transforms various districts of Milan, such as Brera, Tortona and Isola, into a vibrant hub of design, with exhibitions and events that span the week. These events underline the role of Salone del Mobile not just as a furniture fair, but as an influential centre of innovation in design and technology.

    The 2024 edition of Salone del Mobile is set to be one of the most exciting, integrating elements of art, design and innovation into one of the world's leading design events.


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