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6 different edgebanding variants on the same machine - Holz-Her Lumina series

One of the stars of this year's BIFE-SIM fair was the cant applicator. Processing wood-based panels (PAL, MDF) for furniture production is an important part of the industry. Many of those who access funds make or want to make such furniture. Efficient and quality production requires high performance machinery. The machines that ensure processing with minimal losses, streamline the flow and ensure the final quality of the machining are CNCs with nesting technology and high-performance edgebanders. One such edge banding machine - the Lumina 1594 from German manufacturer Holz-Her - we saw on the EET stand. What is new is the possibility to have six different edgebanding variants on the same machine. We discussed these possibilities at the fair with Alexandru Neumann, general manager East European Trade (EET), and a summary of the discussion is below.

The full information on the website gives an overview of the performance of the machines

First, I would like to note the comprehensive and complex information that can be found on the website I'm one of those people who also get their information from websites, both domestic and foreign. At EET I found information about the machine's features, the novelties that Holz-Her brings and the pluses you can get with this machine integrated into your production workflow.

The Lumina series contains different sized and equipped machines. These machines are characterised by flexibility and quality filling. Control unit edge control touchscreen allows simple and intuitive operation. By selecting the program, the machine can be re-equipped without opening the lid and is immediately ready for production.

The machines are equipped with Ltronic and Glue Jet for the application of the edge with or without laser. Changing systems is easy and simple, which I noticed at the demonstration at the fair. Thanks to these systems, the Lumina series edgebanders have 6 edgebanding possibilities: adhesive cartridge, adhesive granules, PUR adhesive, EVA adhesive, laser and non-laser adhesive.

edge banding machine

Glue Jet XL System

We didn't get to talk about him at the fair. We focused on the simple Glue Jet, the one that uses the 300 gram cartridge. With the XL version you can process 2 kg glue cartridges that you normally find commercially. Their use is advantageous because of their better price. However, it is not cost-effective if (per year) the adhesive consumption is less than 500 kg, i.e. less than 400 ml of adhesive per day. The heating time of the stick is as short as for Glue Jet, only 3 minutes.

The use of PUR glue sticks and Glue Jet systems keeps the machine clean by heating only the surface of the stick. Because the rest of the stick remains solid, replacement is easy. Also, the stick can be completely consumed and the application is loss-free. The pressing system pushes the new stick in and this pushes the last part of the old stick, which will be completely used up.

As Alexander Neumann points out, the future seems to be PUR adhesives. They are much more resistant to temperature and humidity than EVA adhesives. Their use in furniture upholstery for high humidity environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens, ensures strong bonds, and the high-performance technology makes the bond line invisible and the workmanship very good.

More information about the cant applicator Light 1594 and about the other cars of the series you can find on the website.

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