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QuickWood innovations presented by Carsten Behr at Holz-Handwerk 2024

At the 2024 edition of the fair Holz-Handwerk in Nurnberg, Germany, Wood Magazine had the pleasure of talking to Carsten Behr, representative of QuickWood, a leading name in the woodworking industry. In the interview, Behr gave us an in-depth insight into QuickWood's history, philosophy and latest innovations.

Founded in Denmark in 1975, QuickWood has grown under the leadership of founder Bent Malherbe and now has a global presence. "We started in Denmark and since 1985 we are also present in Germany. Subsidiaries in Italy and America followed soon after, and since 2007 we also have a branch in Romania.", a precizat Carsten Behr. Această expansiune le permite să servească piața globală cu mașini de șlefuit, perii și alte accesorii.

QuickWood differentiates itself in the market by producing both brushes and machines in-house, thus providing optimised solutions for customer needs. "We manufacture the tools and machines ourselves, which allows us to find the optimal result for the customer"This approach allows them to understand exactly what the machines need and which parts are suitable for various products, such as windows, shutters, doors, stairs, etc.

At Holz-Handwerk 2024, QuickWood focused its attention on smaller producers, offering advanced technological solutions tailored to their needs. „Pentru acest motiv, avem o dezvoltare nouă, o mașină mică care ajută companiile mai mici să folosească uneltele noastre profesionale”, This compact machine, with a working width of 1000 mm (also available in a 1300 mm version), is equipped with PLC control and can store up to six programs, offering maximum flexibility in production.

QuickWood is not only active in the wood sector, their brushes and machines are also used in other sectors such as metal or plastic as OEM products or as support for other manufacturers. "We focus mainly on the furniture industry and window manufacturers." Behr added, highlighting their solutions to the specific challenges faced in these sectors.

In addition, QuickWood prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, using sisal as a backing brush and offering variable slot width options. "The natural product always provides the desired supporting effect", says Behr, contrasting with plastic alternatives that can lose effectiveness over time.

Concluding, Carsten Behr gave us an overview of QuickWood's commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the woodworking industry. With a rich history and a forward-looking vision, QuickWood continues to be a key player in the global market, helping small and large manufacturers achieve excellence in wood finishing.

QuickWood presentation with Carsten Behr at Holz-Handwerk

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