Personalising space in the kitchen - what we're tinkering around the house these days

Don't say that, since we are forced to stay in houses, you don't think more and more often about modifying or reorganising spaces. The kitchen is certainly the most targeted, with space there seeming far too small for cooking, the computer and beer to coexist. The lighting doesn't seem to be enough, neither is the storage space, the hob is too old and there seem to be too many appliances on the kitchen counter. Rest assured, the kitchen is not too small, it just needs to be better organised. You don't need a huge kitchen, just a functional and customised one. As with home office, just by putting a few ideas into practice you can benefit from extra space in a kitchen that's all your own.

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Clear space by getting rid of old, unused or broken items

The first step is to get everything out of drawers and cupboards and decide what stays and what doesn't. Yes, it's a bit scary, but it's the mandatory step. What stays has to be necessary, work, or we have to like it so much that we can't let go. So everything will be divided into 3 categories: what's left, what's discarded and what's functional but we don't need it anymore and it's fine to donate. To make decisions easier think that in the end you will have more space, everything will be more organized and handy and the kitchen will become one of your favorite places in the house.

Because there will be many and various items to throw away, it is best to sort them, not to throw away electrical appliances together with perishables. You may want to consider equipping your kitchen with a modern dustbin for selective waste collection. Find such models in the offer Home Accessories.

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Categorise storage areas according to utility and accessibility

At this stage the remaining products and items will be returned to drawers and cupboards. It's a fresh start so storage will be done according to new criteria. The most important is access. Objects are divided according to how often they are used and storage is done so that access is easy to the most frequently used.

A further division is made according to the mode of use. For example:

  • cutlery, plates,
  • pots, pans, saucepans
  • electrical appliances
  • spices and cooking aids
  • non-perishable products used for cooking (flour, flour meal, grey, oil, etc.)
  • glasses, coffee cups, tea cups
  • washing and cleaning materials and items

The division can be made according to one's wishes. The important thing is that those with a similar purpose, which will be used for similar activities, stay together.

At this stage very useful are drawer organizers and drawers with systems that facilitate access. The moment can also be used to mount spotlights or LED strips inside cabinets and drawers to make items more visible and easier to access.

kitchen accessories accessories

kitchen accessories accessories

Be creative, store vertically

To free up space you can find different solutions, each more creative. The simplest are vertical storage and using the walls and the inside of cupboard doors to hang various objects. Shredders, pans and trays can take up a lot of space. But if they are stored in shelves that allow them to be placed vertically on edge, space is considerably reduced. The racks are also used to drain dishes after washing (dish drainerTo free up space next to the sink, this grate can be mounted in a cabinet above the sink or even outside the cabinet, attached to its base.

The walls and cupboard doors can be used to reduce the amount of space taken up in the kitchen. A magnetic bar can be placed on the wall in front of the hob to hold metal utensils used during cooking. Covers for pots and pans can be placed in a stand next to the hob. Knives can also be attached to a magnetic bar fixed to the wall in front of the worktop. A spice organiser can be attached to the inside of the cupboard door where groceries are kept. It's lightweight and won't strain the hinges.

kitchen accessories accessories

kitchen accessories accessories

Clear countertops, group appliances, find solutions for easy access to outlets

There is a tendency to store everything on the worktop. This habit makes the kitchen look cluttered and messy. It's good to clear the worktop of items you don't use all the time. Electrical appliances used daily or frequently can remain on the worktop. It's best to find solutions for powering them that don't include extension cords or long wires. Water and moisture are common in the kitchen and don't mix well with electricity.

For easy access, sockets can be fitted in the worktopon the sides of the furniture body, on the wall or on the corners, depending on the model or need. They are easy to fit, can be hidden away when you don't need them and are simple to use. The cleared countertop can be used as a makeshift desk when needed, easy access to the socket is also very useful.

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If you want to change your appliances, now is the time

If you want to change some appliances in your kitchen, now is the time, everything is still messed up due to reorganization. In case your hob or cooker leaves you, or you're just bored of them, Accesoria Home offers you a wide range of gas, ceramic glass, induction or combination hobs, TEKA range, in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of style, functionality and performance.

Also from the range TEKA hood models are also pleasant-looking, quiet and easy to maintain. There are chimney hoods, special hoods for kitchen islands or traditional hoods. They help keep your kitchen a pleasant environment by eliminating odours, steam, smoke and grease particles that are released during cooking.

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Check the new system after one month and make the necessary adjustments

No system is infallible so some things may not be as we thought. You can't judge this immediately, you'll need to operate in your 'new' kitchen for about a month to see what's not working and how you might want to rethink the layout. It is possible, for example, that the magnetic bar with the cooking utensils is too low or too high and disturbs the cooking. Or you may find that some items are more necessary than you thought and you need them more often.

Make the changes and re-arrange the kitchen so that you enjoy sitting and cooking in it. Personalize it with your favorite cookbooks, herbs, garlic ropes or other items that represent you. The kitchen is a pleasant and special place and can become even more pleasant the more airy and systematic it is. Good luck!

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