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New products in Szolvegy portfolio - D4 adhesives for winter

Szolvegy, the manufacturer and distributor of the TISZABOND brand of adhesives, has already accustomed us to pro-customer thinking and a constant concern to build long-term relationships with them. This is how, over the years, products have appeared in the portfolio that can be glued in difficult winter conditions, adhesives that retain their qualities even if the product obtained is boiled or impregnated. And recently it has added products to its portfolio green, in accordance with current European Community requirements. Now Szolvegy announces the addition of two special winter adhesives to the product list from 15 December. There are other winter adhesives in the product range, but the novelty is that they are in the D4 moisture resistance class.

New on the wood glue market - D4 winter adhesives

The idea of developing D4 adhesives for winter came from the success with winter version of D3 adhesives. One of the clients is based in Miercurea Ciuc, the cold pole of Romania. Sometimes, in winter, it was so cold outside that the power plants in the factory couldn't cope and the temperature in the storage areas remained very low. There were also problems in the working areas and even if the adhesive managed to remain harmless during unloading or storage, acclimatisation took a long time and so there could be problems with bonding. The first winter adhesive - a D3 adhesive - was developed for this customer because this was the requirement for moisture resistance of the objects manufactured in Miercurea Ciuc.

Now it's the turn of customers working with D4 adhesives to enjoy two options for winter. TISZABOND 1kD4 cod 4170 is the winter version of 4160 adhesive. It is a one-component, hardener-free adhesive with a short pressing time. It has D4 moisture resistance according to DIN EN 204 and the resulting bond is firm.

TISZABOND 1kD4-D cod 4171 is the low temperature resistant version of the adhesive code 4133. It is a premium product, without fillers, made from very high quality raw materials. The adhesive has improved adhesion which contributes to a superior bonding quality. The absence of fillers makes the film obtained more elastic, which increases the average usage of the chipping tools used for calibration. The adhesive is one-component, without hardener, with a short pressing time resulting in a firm bond.

"We're just around the corner from the winter holidays and we're coming with a new addition to the wood glue market - two new winter products. This way we are coming to the aid of manufacturers in the wood industry who are working with D4 adhesives and have problems with sticking due to low temperatures. With the start of 2024, just after the holidays, all those who use D4 - 1kD4 one-component adhesives will no longer have such problems because the new adhesives will be in permanent stock" says Csaba Matefy - Szolvegy administrator.

Szolvegy and Tiszabond, well-known brands in the wood and paper adhesives market

Szolvegy Vegypary Ltd. is a well-known name in the market with more than 400 partners. Customers include large manufacturers of solid wood panels, furniture manufacturers, manufacturers of wooden houses, beehives, chippers, packaging. A large part of the products glued with TISZABOND adhesives are destined for export, among the partners are manufacturers for IKEA.

The main products in the Szolvegy Vegypary portfolio are wood and paper adhesives. In order to help customers, the portfolio also includes complementary or auxiliary products such as press release agents, paraffin to reduce wood cracking, putty, glue guns and packaging products.

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