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Wood-Mizer Special Offer: EG300 with 5 blades and Free Laser Set

Wood-Mizer brings to the market an offer dedicated to the high productivity oriented. Until 31 May 2024, the purchase of the top model EG300EH25S-EMR, equipped with an 18.5 kW electric motor and five blades for multiblade applications, comes with an important bonus: a Set of 2 Saw Blades (500634), absolutely free!

What is EG300

The EG300 is not just a simple hemming circular, it is a multi-functional centre combining hemming and multiblade functions. Designed to maximise the value of the wood in each plank, the EG300 multi-flute circular offers an impressive increase in productivity, estimated between 20 and 30%. This performance is the result of integrating essential functions into a single machine, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment and simplifying workflow. Thus, Wood-Mizer's EG300 multi-blade circular saw is a valuable machine in increasing sawmill productivity and improving lumber production.

The EG300 is standard equipped with two circular blades, optimised for high precision edging operations. Flexibility is the watchword, with one of the blades fixed and the other electronically adjustable via a control panel, using the advanced Setworks electronic system to precisely set the required width of the board. What's more, the option to add lasers to assist in determining plank width further improves accuracy and efficiency in use.

Learn how to adjust lasers from Radu Hudea in the following video


With the ability to expand to up to five circular blades for multi-blade applications, the EG300 easily adapts to diverse production requirements. The four fixed blades allow cutting at standard widths, while the fifth movable blade offers additional flexibility. Switching between circular hemming and multi-blade modes is effortlessly simple, allowing quick adaptation to fluctuating market requirements.

The EG300's modular construction makes it easy to transport, handle and install, making it an ideal solution for workshops requiring space optimisation and efficiency in set-up. Two top rollers and an adjustable guide rail ensure efficient board handling and quick adjustments needed for smooth production.

The adjustable mechanical feed with speeds of 0-25 m/min, together with the TBS 01 control system, ensures perfect adaptation to the specific needs of each project, maximising performance and reducing production time.

The EG300EH25S-EMR is the top of the range model, designed to offer the highest efficiency and flexibility in hemming and multi-flange applications. Powered by a powerful 18.5 kW electric motor, this circular edger is the ideal solution for fast and accurate wood processing, providing top performance and low energy consumption.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5 Multilam Canvas: Equipped with five blades as standard, the EG300EH25S-EMR maximises output, allowing multiple cuts simultaneously for maximum efficiency.
  • Set of 2 Free Lasere: With the purchase of this model, you receive a free set of two lasers, essential for cutting precision and minimising material waste.
  • Electronic Regulation: Cutting width adjustment is done electronically, directly from the control panel, guaranteeing unprecedented precision and ease of use.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Switching between hemming and multi-lining operations is made easy, providing the flexibility to respond quickly to production requirements.


  • Increased productivity: With optimised cutting capacity and adjustable feed rates, the EG300EH25S-EMR promises a significant increase in productivity of 20-30%.
  • Superior qualityEquipped with state-of-the-art technology, this model ensures precise, high-quality cuts, making the most of every piece of wood.
  • Energy efficiency: The 18.5 kW electric motor offers an ideal balance between power and energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

More details in the following video


Limited Offer: Valid until 31 May 2024

The Wood-Mizer offer is available until 31 May 2024, representing a unique opportunity for woodworking professionals to upgrade their equipment and significantly improve their productivity. The EG300EH25S-EMR combination with the free laser set is designed by Wood-Mizer to help you achieve new standards of efficiency and quality in woodworking.

For more information and to take advantage of this limited offer, contact your local Wood-Mizer partner. For Romania, please visit official page Wood-Mizer Romania.

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