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VEN SPRAY ONE: Venjakob paint robot for painters and small businesses

At the Holz-Handwerk Fair in Nuremberg, we had the opportunity to talk to Oliver Milde from Venjakob. Oliver introduced us to the VEN SPRAY ONE, a compact painting machine designed specifically for the needs of small painters and small businesses. The features and benefits of VEN SPRAY ONE, a great solution for semi-automated varnish application, can be found in this article but also in a video at the end of the article, filmed with Oliver at the Venjakob stand at Holz-Handwerk.

VEN SPRAY ONE marks a significant step forward in paint technology, offering a compact yet highly efficient solution for carpenters, small paint shops and all companies applying varnishes in small quantities. Designed by Venjakob, a company renowned in the construction of machines for applying lacquers to furniture and industrial surfaces, this automatic spraying machine is the result of a long experience of the German company.

Features and Benefits

Compact and Efficient

With its optimised dimensions - just over 4 metres long, 4 metres wide and 2.60 metres high - VEN SPRAY ONE has a spacious spray booth equipped with large viewing windows. This allows painting of different sized parts with a minimum length of 250 mm, width of at least 25 mm and height of 6 mm, the maximum being 1,300 mm in width and 50 mm in height.

Customised and Flexible Solution

Designed as a flexible stand-alone solution, VEN SPRAY ONE allows companies to start semi-automated varnish application quickly and easily at low cost. From information received from the manufacturer, we understand that it also benefits from a short delivery time of just four weeks. In this way, the beneficiary has flexibility in their investment decisions.

Advanced Technology

The machine includes four key components: a transport system, a control system, a spraying system and a filtration system. Equipped with advanced technology, it automatically detects the position and size of parts, ensuring precise paint application, saving material and reducing the need for cleaning thanks to the integrated paper strip.


Venjakob's VEN SPRAY ONE is not just a paint machine, it's a complete solution that promises to transform the painting process, at least for smaller businesses. Whether you're facing challenges in achieving a high quality finish or simply looking to optimize your painting process, Venjakob offers the support and technology to achieve these goals. This is also evident from what Oliver Milde told us in the video below, shot by Revista din Lemn at the Venjakob stand at Holz-Handwerk 2024.

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