Wisewoods increases its MDF production with DIEFFENBACHER technology

Thai MDF manufacturer Wisewoods Co. Ltd. has announced a collaboration with DIEFFENBACHER, a recognized name in providing equipment and solutions for the woodworking industry, to install a new MDF production line under the CEBRO brand at the company's headquarters in Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi province. Assembly of the new production unit started in January 2024 and board production is expected to start in the third quarter of this year.

The new plant, which aligns with DIEFFENBACHER's CEBRO smart factory concept, features Z-Sifter technology and the PROjet adhesive-saving system, both of which are designed to support Wisewoods in achieving operational excellence - one of the four CEBRO pillars.

Wisewoods only uses rubber wood as raw material for its production of slabs MDF. Visarut Palarit, Deputy Director at Wisewoods, stresses the importance of removing latex components from the raw material before processing. "The unique Z-Sifter technology was a key reason why we chose DIEFFENBACHER for our new MDF plant," he adds.

Holger Ries, Sales Manager at DIEFFENBACHER, explains the advantages of the Z-Sifter technology: "The numerous Z-shaped sieving steps ensure a clear separation line, facilitating the separation of lighter wood particles from rubber. Due to its high sieving efficiency and low energy consumption, powered by the airflow management system, the Z-Sifter is the preferred technology for latex removal by companies in South East Asia." Ries adds that Z-Sifter also effectively removes other contaminants, ensuring high-quality plate surfaces and protecting downstream equipment.

The PROjet bonding system, applicable for UF and MUF resins, allows resin savings of up to 15% compared to conventional technologies, producing board surfaces with fewer defects.

DIEFFENBACHER will also supply Wisewoods adhesive preparation and dispensing system, forming station and line, a CPS+ continuous press and raw board handling system. The contract with Wisewoods also includes the electrical side as well as the automation of the plant.

This significant investment marks an important step in Wisewoods' growth strategy, strengthening its position in the global MDF market by adopting the latest technologies in MDF board production, with a strong focus on sustainability and operational efficiency.


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