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Weinmann innovations at DACH+HOLZ 2024: Exclusive interview with Stefan Bockel, Head of Product Management

At the international trade fair DACH+HOLZ in Stuttgart, Weinmann, the established brand in the field of prefabrication machinery for timber construction, part of the HOMAG, reconfirmed its pioneering position by presenting its latest innovations. Stefan Bockel, Head of Product Management at Weinmann, shared insights into new offerings and technological innovations that promise to redefine the timber construction landscape. Here's an exclusive look at our conversation with Stefan Bockel, held in the hustle and bustle of the Weinmann stand.

Complete solutions for Timber Construction

The focus of Weinmann's presentation was its holistic approach to prefabrication and automation in timber construction. "Our goal is to show our customers complete solutions for prefabrication and automation in timber construction, from single-family houses to modular construction and multi-storey buildings.", says Bockel.

In addition to advanced technology, Weinmann offers a wide range of services, from initial consultancy to support and training through the Weinmann Academy, making it easier for customers to use their machines efficiently. "It's important for our customers, even those who have been producing for longer, to be able to optimize production and check that they are using the right data files to achieve the desired efficiency with our equipment"Bockel points out.

Technology and Digital Products: Innovations presented at the Fair

A highlight of the Weinmann presentation was the focus on digital products, including machine execution system (MES) solutions, which enable small companies to optimise and control their production. "This digital hand assembly aid is new to the fair"Bockel points out.

Weinmann's focus at DACH+HOLZ was on its products for carpenters, introducing innovative solutions such as the WALLTEQ M-300 and BUILDTEQ tables. These solutions are specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies to produce structural timber elements in a modern and efficient way.

"Batten Shoe": Innovation that promises high efficiency

One of the innovations on show at the fair was the "batten shoe", a component that allows semi-automatic attachment of battens to building elements. "This means you can work not only on walls, but also on roof and ceiling elements, thus reducing the time spent outside on site assembling the final house.", explains Bockel, underlining the efficiency and flexibility brought by this new addition.

With a significant presentation of advanced technologies and holistic solutions, Weinmann reaffirms its leading position in the field of timber construction, proposing new directions for prefabrication and automation. Below, video taken with Stefan Bockel at the Weinmann stand at Dach+Holz 2024.

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