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25 Years of Wood Innovations told by Volker Schmieder, Manager Building Components at HOMAG

Recently a video with Volker Schmieder, Manager Building Components at HOMAG, caught my attention. In this video, Volker Schmieder shares his extensive experience gained during his 25 years with the company. A kind of condensed history of window production machinery.

Volker Schmieder started his career as a production leader in a window manufacturing company, after learning the trade of a window manufacturer. He went on to work at HOMAG, culminating a career dedicated to processing the versatile and sustainable material wood.

Schmieder highlights the significant evolution of technology in the wood industry, marking the shift from mass production to customized solutions for customers. This change was made possible by the implementation of CNC technology and greater flexibility in window design and manufacturing, reflecting a transition from standardised profiles to those tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Interacting with clients has been and remains one of the most enjoyable aspects of his work, a source of satisfaction and a source of professional pride. "I most enjoy developing solutions for clients. When a project ends successfully, it's a moment of joy for everyone involved."Schmieder confesses.

The material itself, wood, plays a central role in Schmieder's philosophy of sustainability and design. Not only does wood offer the freedom to create custom profiles, it is also a natural resource that contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. This perspective reflects a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability not just in construction, but in other areas as well.

Looking to the future, Schmieder anticipates further developments in woodworking technologies, with a focus on energy efficiency and increasing machine adaptability. "Innovation never stops in our field. Even though we are now focusing on fine-tuning, the potential for development remains significant."

Globally, as Schmieder points out in the video, the presence of HOMAG machines can be seen from Asia to North America and Europe, demonstrating the company's impact and international recognition in the industry. This has cemented HOMAG's reputation as a leader in woodworking technology, with Schmieder leading a dedicated team of professionals.

After a quarter of a century of dedication spent in the world of innovation, Volker Schmieder simply recounts his experiences. Congratulations to both him and HOMAG for this video, which can be a source of inspiration for the next generation of woodworking professionals in their continuous exploration and expansion of the possibilities of this valuable material.

See below the video with Volker Schmieder, Manager Building Components at HOMAG

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