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Nestle Fenster - a business with a 400-year history

Nestle Fenster GMBH is one of Germany's oldest window manufacturing companies with a tradition dating back over 400 years. The business is currently run by Annkathrin Nestle and her sister, representing the twelfth generation in the Nestle family. Over the centuries, this family business has evolved and adapted to changes in the industry to become a household name in window production, as the HOMAG video at the end of the article shows.

The company offers a wide range of products, from wood, wood-aluminium windows to plastic windows and doors of various types. The entire production, from planning to manufacturing and assembly, is carried out in-house, ensuring rigorous quality control and efficient production.

A turning point for Nestle Fenster was the partnership with HOMAG. In the 1990s, the business began to grow significantly and the decision to work with HOMAG led to the modernisation of production and the integration of new processing technologies. This collaboration was initiated through implementation of a project which consisted of modification of a CNC machine for furniture productionand subsequently developed into a successful partnership.

Cooperation between the two companies has led to a number of innovations and improvements in production. New machines and production lines have been introduced, increasing capacity and precision in the manufacture of windows and doors. This efficiency has helped Nestle Fenster meet the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers, allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

Over time, Nestle Fenster has continued to expand, opening new locations and increasing its product range. In 2010, the company built a new production facility in Hörschweiler, which has been steadily expanded. In 2017, a new hall and another processing centre were added, doubling production capacity.

The "World of Ideas for Windows and Doors" showroom in Tumlingen has become an important destination for customers and industry professionals, reinforcing Nestle Fenster's position as a leading manufacturer.

Today, Annkathrin Nestle and her team continue to grow the family business, maintaining quality standards and adapting to growing trends towards sustainability. This success story reflects the evolution of a family business, relying on tradition and innovation to meet contemporary challenges. Below the story Nestle Fenster GMBH in a video by HOMAG.

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