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The kitchen, a special space

If we think about what is the most important place in our home, we will certainly choose kitchen, and for a number of considerable reasons. Apart from being the gathering place for the whole family, the kitchen is where we start our day, where the morning rush is unleashed, the kitchen is where the mastery of the art of cooking is brought out, the kitchen is where you find yourself when friends visit, the kitchen is....

Because the kitchen is where you spend most of your active time when you're at home, because it's where each day begins and often ends, the design of this space deserves some attention.

Give your kitchen a relaxing, natural look, able to energise your mornings by integrating a solid wood kitchen worktop.

Due to the size and positioning of the kitchen worktop, it is certainly the most important design element of a kitchen, which is why a total makeover of this room can easily be achieved by changing the kitchen worktop.

When you decide to change your kitchen countertop, one dilemma remains unresolved, what material should it be made of? Conglomerate tiles, synthetic materials, veneered or not, are options available on the market, but to give this space the charge it needs to exude calm and relaxation, we will turn our attention to natural, authentic, solid wood products.

When you choose a solid wood kitchen worktop, you're not just choosing a natural, authentic, living product, you're choosing a piece of furniture that's easy to maintain and always in fashion. Oil-treated, kitchen worktops will keep their unmistakable natural texture intact, the wood fibres will be brought back to life, preserving the fresh look of solid wood. project - "Nature in every kitchen"

"Nature, in every kitchen" is the project through which offers its customers the opportunity to transform their kitchen space in just 2 minutes.

Through services offered free of charge:

  • cutting (cutting for sinks, shaping, milling edges, rounding corners)
  • delivery anywhere in Romania

by guaranteeing the quality assumed, offered as a producer

through the diversity of products:

  • hard woods (Beech or Oak)
  • lengths, special widths

by the simple way of using the platform, which will help you customize your kitchen countertop perfectly,

you can turn your kitchen into the ideal place to start your morning.

To encourage you in the process of transforming your kitchen, the "Nature in every kitchen" project gives you 5% discounts on all kitchen worktops offered by

Use the code NaturaDip By the end of 2017 to receive 5% discount on solid wood kitchen countertops.

transform your kitchen space


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  • I would be interested in an expert opinion on the reliability of a solid wood countertop. How suitable/recommended can it be in a kitchen where cooking is not occasional but frequent to very frequent?

    • Hello,
      Solid wood countertops have long been used in kitchens and are resistant to the conditions in such spaces. The oil protection ensures very good moisture resistance.
      But you can't chop or use a knife directly on them and you wouldn't be able to do it even if they were finished with a very resistant varnish, such as polyurethane for example.
      All the best.


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