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Milan International Furniture Fair 2018 ("Il Salone") - Day #2

Long story short, human poverty.

In an attempt to cover the Fiera exhibition area in two days I decided to leave the kitchens and plumbing for the second day. In fact, I thought I'd still have time to revisit some of the areas I'd rushed.

No chance!

  1. A good portion of the visitors had come to steal crafts, so it was extremely crowded.
  2. The plethora of new materials and innovative technologies demanded undistributed attention.

Randomly I will mention a few stands and where I feel something needs to be highlighted, I will add a comment.


SNAIDERO - VISION (Pininfarina)

DADA - Eurokitchen



SANWA COMPANY - Compact kitchens


And a few pictures in a bunch as I was a beginner and didn't write down my manufacturing companies.







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