Nude - the star colour in interior design

Nude is the colour that mimics skin and is all the rage in fashion with outfits that give the impression of nudity. This discreet, neutral colour, with lots of shades just like human skin, will be the star next year in interior design, replacing the grey colour that has been dominant for several years as a neutral colour. Although it has proven to be a popular colour over the years, grey is sometimes cold and distant. It's felt the need for warmth, and nude with its soft, soothing tones promises to bring it into 2019 interiors.

Nude - colour of natural materials: wood, wool, jute, hemp, linen

Natural materials are the closest to this colour. They give the colour itself or derivative colours that remain in the same discreet, soothing note. Nude is not the dull beige sometimes used in expressions to define an interior without personality. Nude is the warmth of cotton and pastel golds, it's skin tones from translucent to lightly tanned, it's shades of sand, linen, jute, wool and hemp, stone and wood. They are soft and delicate colours that create a sense of calm and tranquillity, neutral shades suitable as a background for displaying and highlighting other colours or shapes. It doesn't look like a single colour, but a layering of colours that invites you to discover them. Perhaps that's why wood in its natural colour fits so well, as it is also a sum of many shades. Colours such as walnut, pine, cherry, douglas fir are natural wood colours that Designers will be betting on furniture next year.

Natural materials such as jute, hemp or wool go well with wood left in its natural colour. Objects previously associated with the rustic style, such as natural fibre baskets, linen curtains, tapestries or rugs made of wool, jute or hemp are now incorporated into the contemporary style.

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Discreet but not impersonal look for nude walls

Best of all, the colour can be used as a background for all other design elements. Nude walls are the 'easel' on which furniture, curtains or decorative objects are set. The richness of the shades makes it possible to achieve discreet interiors or, conversely, visually striking spaces where a scarlet nude wall is highlighted by discreet shades of cream or greige.

The shades are neutral but not boring. They invite you to imagine the soft touch of a peach, the slightly rough touch of burnt ceramic or the emotion betrayed by flushed cheeks. All are facets of the same colour that draws the eye like a kaleidoscope. Designers assure us that a décor dominated by nude will create mixed reactions from friends, but by no means indifference.

However, no matter how muted or strong the shade, nude remains a soothing and warm colour. It's great for those who want to come home to an oasis of peace, those who love neutral tones, and somepaint manufacturersbelieves that it is precisely these colours that will lead us to meditation, to introspection. Nude is a neutral colour that resonates with simplicity and modernity and is suitable for reflecting any style from traditional to modern to eclectic to rustic.

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Surprisingly pleasant tone-on-tone combinations

Nude is not a heavy colour and can be used very successfully in "ton sur ton" combinations, where different shades of the same colour are put together in the same decor. Furniture outlined against a wall coloured in an insubstantially darker shade, curtains that almost fade into the wall colour or carpets laid on white washed wood floors (whitewash), but where white beats lightly into dusty pink are just some of the suggestions for a successful interior design.With so many shades and decorative elements to choose from, nude suits any interior and any personality.The richness of the shades and the tranquility of each of them does not give the impression of dull or tired combinations. They are similar, but manage to enhance each other and the objects or furniture don't get lost in the decor. So don't avoid them, the combinations can be surprisingly pleasing.

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We often avoid decorating using trends because trends are temporary, but in interior design there are certain trends that are maintained over time. I think we shouldn't shy away from decorating using nude. It's a neutral, "safe" colour, a natural to go safe with in combinations of any kind, and the use of natural materials in interior design is no longer a trend but a habit of a responsible lifestyle that helps us create the most welcoming interiors.


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