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The largest mobile home showroom in Romania

The pandemic has come with many frustrations, but also with opportunities for some of us. Faced with being isolated in their homes, many have discovered that space is too small, that they need a backyard or patio, that living in a house on the ground seems better than living in an apartment on a block.

Demand for homes has increased and the construction sector has experienced an unexpected surge. A big success has been builders of timber frame houses, thanks to the shorter construction time than traditional and manufacturer-built options, where you avoid the building permit rush, the construction site and other inconveniences. We discovered such a house-on-wheels builder in Hereclean, near Zalău. Rot Resort has been dealing with houses on wheels since 2013 and if at the beginning it was focusing on the Western market, lately it is concentrating only on the Romanian market. Video taken at the end of the article.

Rot Resort woodmatic machines

Radu Munteanu from WoodMatic. He was impressed with the houses that were being made here and recommended that if we ever get to the area, we should also go to Rot Resort because we would love it. And he was right. You can see the video taken at their place at the end of the article.

The mobile home showroom in Hereclean

We knew we had arrived at Rot Resort even before the GPS told us. Because it's so big and the houses lined up side by side in the open-air showroom are visible before you arrive. Houses of all sizes, variously coloured, with terrace or without await their visitors.

In the huge courtyard that we entered unhindered, there were other visitors who wandered interestedly among the houses. We were greeted by Andrei Rotaru, the director of the company. Smiling, friendly and open, he made us feel immediately welcome.

When you talk to Andrei you feel like all the problems of the world have disappeared. He is calm and relaxed, answers all questions, jokes and laughs. At first glance he doesn't seem to take things too seriously. You abandon the idea as soon as you get to know him better and he starts talking about houses. He knows all about them, he's proud of what he's done, he talks about innovations, about things no one else does in the country, about awards he's won abroad. With this attitude, he has also impressed those at international fairs.

In 2018 in Germany, at a trade fair, the Rot Resort was of no interest to either competitors or dealers. What could a company established only 5 years ago know compared to those boasting 70-80 years of age? However, the house they presented themselves with won the top prize and suddenly they became of interest to everyone.

Rot Resort woodmatic machines
Andrei Rotaru, Rot Resort

Andrei set up the company in 2013, having previously worked abroad in a dangerous but materially rewarding job. It was his family that made him stay at home, wanting to give his son a childhood as beautiful as his own. Beautiful because he had his parents at his side, which money couldn't replace.

It started out as both a manufacturer and a dealer for two well-known foreign brands. The first house he made for himself, to see all the shortcomings. Initially he felt that the Romanian market was not ready for such houses and focused on export.

But then came the pandemic that showed the huge potential of the Romanian market. Now he focuses only on the Romanian market. Demand is high, the only problem is the lack of manpower. If they had the manpower, they could always double production.

The showroom is equipped with WoodMatic machines

In the middle of the showroom is one of the halls where the houses are assembled. The other is in Ungheni, in the Republic of Moldova. Components are assembled on a metal chassis.

It also has a circular WDX-132 from WoodMatic. He uses it to cut chipboard elements used in house construction. The wood is brought in ready processed from the company's wood warehouse. They are very happy with the circular sawmill that works "unexpectedly good". Andrei is also satisfied with the relationship with the company, with Radu Munteanu, so that soon in the hall will appear a cant applicator, also from WoodMatic.

He says the machines are up to the quality and appearance of machines from established Western firms. Having the circular knitting machine in the assembly hall allows him to do machining and adjustments immediately, shortening production time.

Rot Resort woodmatic machines

Mobile homes for all budgets

Andrei says Rot Resort makes homes for all budgets. He's very convinced that you can't sell such houses if they can't be seen. That's why he's invested in setting up the showroom, so people can see the houses. readyto see whether or not they can live in such a building.

It's not easy for him to sustain the showroom, but he knows it's the only viable solution. People come in, see the houses, chat over coffee, make up their minds and give him a high five. There are many types of houses in the showroom, ranging in size from 20 to 80 m² and prices from €20,000 to €80,000 and more.

They are wooden frame houses built on metal chassis also made by them. The 80 m² houses are made by assembling 2 chassis. It is an innovation of the company of which he is very proud. The price of the house does not include the terrace, but it can be built on request. Andrei advises clients to make the effort because it is a worthwhile endowment.

Rot Resort woodmatic machines

Rot Resort woodmatic machines

All houses have fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and can be lived in all year round as they are well insulated with 20 cm basalt or mineral wool insulation in the walls and have underfloor heating. They are delivered with all interior and exterior finishes done, with electricity and water installation, they just need to be connected to the existing ones on site. Transport is provided by Rot Resort and connection to utilities can be made on request, provided they exist on the site and the land is straight.

Also on request, the house can be delivered furnished and even equipped with curtains, carpets and everything else necessary. The company is very flexible and it's hard for a determined client not to find what they want.

Houses on wheels are increasingly an option for Romanians. Fortunately, they have also become an option for tourism investors, as the Hereclean mobile homes are already in campsites in Bușteni or Bucin, near Sovata.

They are comfortable homes that give you everything you need in a small space. If you're interested in mobile homes at Rot Resort you really do have a choice.

Below are the files we made at Rot Resort from which you can learn more details


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